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Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) & Educational Review Meetings

A medical procedure in hospital. A&E. Treatment. Staff nurses wearing scrubs attending to a patient. Anaesthetised patient lying on a treatment table.All trainees within the anaesthetic and ICM training programmes are required to undertake a yearly assessment of their progress – the ARCP. See our ARCP page which is universally applicable to all specialties and details all of the documents you need which are not school specific.

In the Wessex School of Anaesthesia each ARCP is carried out in absentia with a small specialty-based panel.  The process is not an assessment of you but an assessment of the submitted evidence that is presented by you. Trainees are given at least six weeks' notice to provide the necessary documentation for the review. 

In addition to the ARCP, Trainees will be invited to an Education Review Meeting that may or may not be held on the same day as the ARCP. It will provide an opportunity for you to provide comments on your training to date, as well as reviewing your progress/competences and identifying specific training needs.


You will not be 'chased' to provide this documentation by the required date and should be aware that failure to do so can result in an unsatisfactory outcome being awarded.

Wessex School of Anaesthesia ARCP requirements

These items must be on your e-Portfolio or LLP and assigned to your ARCP before the deadline date (eight days before the ARCP).

All trainees


Revalidation is a process which all doctors must undergo within the timescales set out by the GMC, it is solely concerned with your Fitness to Practise in relation to your License to Practice. This process runs alongside your ARCP which means you are required to submit the following to the ARCP panel:

  • Enhanced Form R  – The Form R is now available via PDF found on the main ARCP page with guidance on how to complete it.
    The Deadline for submitting the Enhanced Form R Part A and Part B will be: 7 days prior to your ARCP. Please be aware that Form R Part A and Part B are separate forms in the online version and both require submission for ARCP.

  • Reflection on Additional Work Outside of Training (Word) – this applies to any work for which you may use your medical skills, e.g. locums in another Trust or at sporting events.

At minimum all trainees must submit a Enhanced Form R. If you do not complete any additional work outside of training there is no need to complete this form.

Important revalidation information for Trainees leaving a Training Programme

Health Education England, Wessex will remain as your designated Body until your training has concluded and/or you no longer require an NTN or DRN. Therefore, you must not disconnect yourself from Health Education England, Wessex via GMC connect until you are no longer on a training programme.

Trainees on OOP or in their Period of Grace must remain connected to Health Education England, Wessex during this time as they will still have a Wessex NTN or DRN.

Please can we also remind you that it is a requirement to submit a Form R on an annual basis even when you are out of programme.

For further information on Revalidation please see the FAQs.

Specialty Specific Information

Evidence required for review at ARCP

The following evidence is essential, without which an Outcome 1 cannot be awarded.

  • ESSR – must be signed by ES and CT. Summary of WPBAs and progression with units of training, appropriate for grade and stage of training. An ESSR for each hospital rotation in the assessed period is required.
  • Logbook- annualised (or report since last ARCP) in RCOA summary format as per LLP
  • MSF (most trainees achieve response rate between 15-20 – minimum of 12 required)
  • Reflections on practice / participation in discussions and investigations around SUI
  • Exam evidence
  • Evidence of absence (other than annual / study leave)
  • Form R


Progression with training will also be assessed by reviewing evidence of other sorts of experience. This evidence not only assesses progression in training, but also performance in training. It is important evidence for revalidation and for annual educational review.

  • CV~Audit /QI project work
  • Publications
  • Annualised reflection on the year of training
  • GMC survey / engagement with systems of quality management and improvement in clinical work and training
  • Please complete and upload to your portfolio the Educational Review & Development Plan (Word)
  • Upload and assign previous Educational Review and Development Plan



  • Educational Supervisor’s report and assessments
  • Trainee’s final report.



  • Reflection of work outside of training (only required if Trainee has undertaken any clinical work whilst out of programme)

ICM Trainees


Items to bring to ARCP

All Trainees

  • Portfolio


  • Core Level Training Certificate signed by ES or CT


  • Intermediate Level Training Certificate Signed by ES or CT


  • Notification of Completion of Training Form (all dates entered)





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