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Lifelong Learning Platform

A woman browsing the internet on a laptopThe new RCoA LLP waslaunched in August 2018 and in Wessex we are having a phased transition process. Trainees will all be informed by their TPD of the date when they will transition.

From August 2019 the current ePortfolio will no longer be accessible so it is crucial that Trainees save their current ePortfolio information as proof of their training status and progress.

We recommend Trainees download the ePortfolio now and then again as they transition, to minimise the risk of total data loss.


Once informed of transition date.

Transition plans:

  • Download ePortfolio, collate and upload required information to new LLP
  • Using the Record of Transition form  describing the information that is required to be uploaded to the new LLP. Go through this list and summarise as stated prior to meeting your Educational Supervisor/College Tutor
  • Meet with your ES/CT and complete the Record of Transition form to confirm you have upload the required information
  • Use the LLP from then on.
  • The LLP logbook is mandatory once you commence the LLP


If Trainees wish to have previously signed-off CUTs show up as complete on the LLP, we recommend they download the original CUT as a pdf and upload this as an activity on the LLP. Then associate this to the CUT they wish to get signed-off prior to getting your ES/CT to sign it off (CUTs on the LLP require something to be assigned to them (WPBAs, Activity, reflection etc) in order to be signed off)

The Wessex School of Anaesthesia has created a guide to transitioning to the LLP which can be found here.


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