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Intermediate Training in Anaesthesia

Image of an anaesthetist performing a regional anaesthetic nerve blockThis page is designed to help you navigate through the Wessex Intermediate Training Programme. Hopefully it will answer all your questions but if in doubt, do ask!

The point of contact in your trust should be your College Tutor or Educational Supervisor, who will be able to point you in the right direction.

Intermediate Training Curriculum

You can go online to find the RCoA Curriculum for Intermediate Level Training (Annex C).

RCoA Guide to Intermediate Training

The RCoA guide to the Intermediate Training programme can be found online.

Hospitals on the rotation

During your ST3/4 training you will rotate through a number of hospitals within Wessex. There are more details about the eight departments involved in the School of Anaesthesia guide. Click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Intermediate Training Useful Information

Intermediate Training is spread over two years. At least six months of ST3/4 will be spent in modular sub-specialty training at University Hospital Southampton.

To progress to ST5+ you will need to complete all units of training and have passed the Final FRCA exam. At the end ST4 you will be awarded the Intermediate Level Training Certificate, which will confirm that appropriate progress has been made.

College Registration

All trainees are required to reregister as ST3 trainees with the RCoA. You can download an ST3 registration RCoA form online.

Final FRCA

In order to progress to Higher Training in anaesthesia you will need to have passed the Final FRCA examination. Preparation is vitally important and there are a number of resources available to trainees attempting the exam. Get some help using the RCoA guidance and resources for Final FRCA examination candidates on its website.

Both the RCoA and Health Education England, Working across Wessex run revision courses during the year alongside practical OSCE/Viva days in the run-up to the exam (see courses link on the right of this page).

Trainees will often not have completed all sub-specialty modules before sitting the Final FRCA. This is recognised by the RCoA and reflected in the expectations of the examiners. If you are placed in a DGH for ST3 it is possible to arrange study days (in cardiac/neuro theatres) at UHS to help with your preparation for the exam. This should be discussed with your departmental College Tutor.

Intermediate Training – events for your diary

Anaesthetic Non-technical Skill Simulation Sessions

A simulator-based course run for ST3 trainees through the simulation centre at QAH in Portsmouth. Attendance at one of these courses is encouraged. Email Dr Matthew Williams  for more details.


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