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Images of fruit salad in a bowl, a man and some boys playing football in the park and pensioners playing ten-pin bowlingPublic Health Education and Training

Professional development in public health is provided by the Programme Director for Specialist Training and the Head of Public Health Programmes, who covers Practitioner Development. They form a "one stop shop" for enquiries and a focus for professional development for Agenda for Change levels five and above.  

Follow the following links to find more information about public health education and training


Download the Wessex School of Public Health Highlight Report April 2017 to March 2018,(pdf)


For public health specialty training enquiries, please contact:

Training Programme Director
Public Health Development Support Manager

For public health practitioner training enquiries, please contact:

Head of Public Health Workforce Development Programmes                     
Public Health Development Manager & MECC Lead
Public Health Development Administrator


Orange BracketMembers of the public should contact their own GP or NHS 111 for advice on personal or family health issues.

Healthcare professionals who wish to discuss or obtain advice on a general health protection or public health matter or report a local notifiable disease, outbreak of infection should contact Wessex Health Protection Team on 0345 055 2022.


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