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School of General Practice

Important Notice:

Trainees commencing a new placement in a practice or hospital post on or after 1 August 2017 will be on the new junior doctors' contract. Information about the new contract is published on NHS Employers Information for employing GP practices. Information on the Health Education England, Wessex website is being updated to reflect the new contract. In the meantime, please refer to the NHS Employers for all contract and work scheduling information.


The School of General Practice (GP) aims to provide a sufficient supply of "family doctors" to meet patient demand and to ensure that the skills and knowledge of these doctors are of a consistently high quality. The School is also responsible for finding and monitoring trainee placements in general practice for a significant number of second-year Foundation Programme doctors.

Although some aspects of training, such as recruitment and assessment, are managed by a nucleus of HEE Wessex Local office staff in the School of General Practice, much activity also takes place locally in the Patch Offices, led by our part-time Associate Deans. At a grass roots level, there are numerous Programme Directors and Trainers to oversee the delivery of training.

Recruitment to general practice training programmes is managed by the National Recruitment Office for General Practice Training and details of Wessex GP vacancies into training programmes will be available from the National Office.

Other ad hoc recruitment, e.g. for Wessex posts, are to be found in the Wessex GP Recruitment section of this website.


General Information

Please find below some useful links to general information about GP Training.

GMC Standards for Specialty including GP Training  - Generic standards for Speciality and GP Training.

RCGP Guidelines for Deaneries 2014 (pdf) - The GP Specialty Training Standards have been developed and approved by COGPED and the RCGP. They are compatible with and build upon the GMC "The Trainee Doctor (pdf)"


Training and National Standards

Link to Word Viewer download - The Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 and later versions file formats lets you view and print Word documents on a computer that does not have Word 2007 or Word 2010 installed.


General Support Information and Resources

Wessex AiT Handbook (pdf) - This contains all the information that trainees, wish they had known when they started their training. We do hope that trainees will find this useful!

Wessex AiT Committee Membership - Link to Membership and contact details

Ministry of Defence Trainee placements in Wessex GP 2010 (Word).- guidance on Defence GP Trainee Placements

Equality and Diversity training resources (pdf) - All Wessex GP Educators, Assessors (ARCP and Recruitment) and Trainers are required to have satisfactorily completed approved Equality and Diversity training in order to undertake any Deanery related business

Link to BMJ Equality and Diversity Learning Module - (This module will require pre-registration.) Direct link to online E&D Learning Module “Discrimination in the workplace: what it is and how to prevent it”


Health Education England, Wessex Policy Documents

Quality Management in Health Education England, Wessex.


GP Registrar Pages

Mandatory Patient Safety Training - link to NRLS Guide - Guide for General Practice Staff on Reporting Patient Safety Incidents to the National Reporting and Learning Sysem

Mandatory ST1 Patient Safety Course - All ST1 Trainees must attend one of the mandatory Health Education England, Wessex "Patient Safety Training Days" at the beginning of their Speciality or GP Training Programme.

A Guide for GP Training in the ST1 and ST2 years - A handbook for GP Trainees, Clinical Supervisors and Educational Supervisors  The purpose of this handbook is to help integrate the GP Curriculum into ST1 and ST2 years of GP training which include the hospital based specialty posts that are part of GP Specialty Training Programmes.


Qualified GP Pages

For information relating to Appraisals, Newly Qualified GP'sRetained Doctors and the Induction and Refresher Scheme.

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