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The Tier System

Under the points based system there are 5 tiers which may apply to an individual wanting to enter/remain with the UK. Within the 5 tiers there are also categories and sub categories which may apply to the individual.

Please see the table below to help determine the most suitable tier.

An image of the UK Border Agency Tier System for the general NHS.


UKBA Tier System General NHS

Tier 1

For highly skilled individual who would offer productivity and growth within the U.K. Tier 1 is not employer led therefore you do not need an offer of employment to apply.

  • General – This route would allow the migrant to seek work or self employment within the U.K.
  • Entrepreneur – This route would allow the migrant to establish themselves in business within the U.K.
  • Post-study work – This Route would offer students a transitional period on completion of their studies to have free access to the labour market within the U.K.

(This category would allow opportunities to satisfy requirement for a more permanent category).

Please note that this visa is not suitable for a training placement.

Tier 2

This is an employer led visa for skilled workers with a job offer to fill gaps within the U.K labour force.

  • General- This route will would apply to migrants who have a job offer within the U.K. for a medium – highly skilled employment.
  • Intra-Company Transfer – This route offers overseas companies to transfer medium – highly skilled staff to the same Company based in the U.K.
  • Ministers of Religion – This route would apply to migrants who have a pastoral role to take employment within the U.K in their faith community.
  • Sports people – This route would apply to sports personnel and highly skilled coaches who wish to take up employment within the U.K.

The resident labour market test must be applied by the Wessex Deanery in order to issue a sponsor license unless the specialty is listed on the shortage occupation list.

Tier 3

 Low skilled workers needed to fill specific temporary labour shortage within the U.K.
(This Tier is currently suspended indefinitely).

Tier 4

For students.

  • Child Student – applies to children between 4 – 16 to continue to come to the U.K to attend an independent school to continue their education.
  • General Student – to study post 16 education within the U.K.


Tier 5

Youth mobility and temporary workers.

  • Youth Mobility Scheme – Participating Countries who have young migrants that while working temporary will become familiar to the diversity in culture of the U.K.
  • Temporary Workers – There are a number of roles that fall into this category which include: International agreement, sports and creativity, religious workers, charity workers and government authorized).

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