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FAQs - Recruitment 2019

On this page you will find general information regarding recruitment 2019. This page will be updated with common queries throughout the recruitment cycle. Please refer to this page before contacting the recruitment team.


When will recruitment for 2019 begin?

Recruitment to Specialty Training Programmes for 2018 will be run mostly through nationally led processes, which will run to a national timescale. Recruitment will begin on 31 October 2018 when all vacancies will be advertised. Please note recruitment to Academic Clinical Fellows begins on 08 October 2018.


National Specialty Recruitment:

All entry level specialties will be lead by with a Royal College or HEE Local Office. Each specialty will employ a slightly different process. Please refer to the specialty information pages for further information and make yourself aware of the process for the specialty for which you intend to apply.


Are person specifications different for each HEE Local Office?

Person specifications are national documents provided by Health Education England. Person specifications describe the knowledge, skills, and attributes that are required in order for a candidate to be successful in their application to a programme or training scheme. Person specifications are broken down into “essential” and “desirable” attributes. All person specifications are available from the Specialty Training Website.


How can I contact the Health Education England - Wessex?

You can contact the Health Education England - Wessex by e-mail at, or telephone on 01962 718424. Please note that if your query is about dates of recruitment, number of posts, or interviews you will be directed back to the recruitment website.


How long will adverts be posted for?

All posts must be advertised for 28 calendar days.

Adverts for Round one will go live on 31 October 2018, applications will open on 07 November 2018 at 10.00am and close on 29 November 2018 at 4.00pm

Advertisements for ST3/ST4 posts will go live on 22 January 2019 and applications will close on 20 February 2019 at 4pm


How many posts are available?

Details of the indicative numbers of posts available for each specialty will be available from this website.


I want to apply for an Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) or Clinical Lecturer (CL) post, when will these be advertised?

ACF and CL posts will be recruited to locally by each area with coordination by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). The national timeframe and the list of specialties to which Wessex is recruiting can be found on the Academic Recruitment Pages.


Which systems will be used for applications?

All applications for Academic Core and Specialty Training posts for 2019 will be made via Oriel. The following systems will be used for each specialty.


What if I miss the deadline?

Late applications will not be accepted by the online recruitment systems. Please ensure you leave yourself plenty of time to submit your application and be aware that there may be a slight difference in time between your watch or PC and the online systems.


What if I experience technical problems?

If for some reason you experience technical difficulties in submitting your application, you must contact the Wessex Recruitment Team or relevant lead recruiter immediately. Technical problems sometimes take time to rectify and you may not be the only one experiencing a problem. Health Education England - Wessex will work with the service providers to solve any technical issues before the deadline of an application has expired. Please note that the Wessex Recruitment Team can only guarantee a response to emails or phone calls within office hours, 08:30 – 17:00.


How do I apply for a post?

Before completing your application you must make sure that you are aware of the deadline for applications and familiarise yourself with the person specification for the job/training post as this will assist you with answering questions in a focused manner.

Do bear in mind that different Royal Colleges, HEE Local Offices, and specialties may use different application forms.

Prepare a draft of your responses, using the information you have previously collected. Application forms must be error free as they cannot be changed once they have been submitted. Forms should be well considered before being submitted.

Your application form is an opportunity to make it clear that you understand what the job entails and that you have the necessary skills and expertise required. You must abide by the word limits set in the application form.

Once you have completed the form check it again before submitting.

Any evidence of plagiarism or fraudulent statements will be referred directly to the Postgraduate Dean and the General Medical Council (GMC).


Can I link my application to my partner's or spouse's application?

There is no mechanism to "link" applications for Specialty Training posts. Part of the "hold" option for offers of training posts allows successful candidates to make an informed decision, which may include the offers made to your partner or spouse.

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I am an overseas applicant, can I apply for Core and Speciality training programmes?

Details of current immigration rules and how they affect junior doctors can be found on the UK Visas and Immigration website, and the GMC website.


Who is eligible for the Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS)?

Health Education England - Wessex is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for applicants with disabilities. If you have a disability and are covered by the Equality Act (formerly DDA), details available from the gov website, you have the option to be considered under the GIS, there will be an option for you to indicate that you would like to be considered under the scheme on your application form. If you indicate that you would like to be considered under the scheme, provided that you meet the minimum criteria at application and selection testing stages, you will be automatically invited to interview.

You will be contacted by a member of staff to ascertain as to whether you require any adjustments at the interview stage. Please consider any adjustments that may be necessary based on the information available about the interview process.

Please note: If you indicate that you would like to be considered under the GIS but do not specify that you have a disability in your application form you cannot be considered under the scheme.


I need to declare a fitness to practise (FTP) issue, who do I need to contact?

If you are subject to any of the following, you must declare these on your application form:

  • A criminal conviction or caution (not including driving license endorsements)
  • GMC investigation, proceedings or restrictions
  • Employment disciplinary investigation or judgements.


You will then need to submit a FtP Declaration Form to the lead recruiter or region in which you are being interviewed/considered for appointment providing further information.

The point of contact for FtP in Wessex is Mrs Jemma Martell, Health Education England - Wessex, Deputy Education Programme Team Manager 

Health Education England - Wessex, Southern House, Sparrowgrove, Otterbourne, SO21 2RU.


How does longlisting work?

Longlisting is the first stage of selection that your submitted application will go through. Longlisting is the process by which applicants who do not meet the essential criteria as per the person specification are taken out of the recruitment process.

It is essential that you fill in all details on your application correctly including your GMC status and any details about your right to work in the UK.

If you complete your application incorrectly it cannot be changed after submission and you may be unnecessarily excluded from shortlisting. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application is correct at the time of submission.


How does shortlisting work?

Shortlisting takes place after long listing and before interview. Each specialty will have a different process for selecting applicants for interview, they include:

  • Guaranteed interview for all eligible applicants.
  • Self-assessment - certain questions on the application form will generate a score based upon your response.
  • Scoring against a criteria - a shortlisting criteria will be used to asses your application.

The guidance for the specialty to which you are applying should include information on how applicants are selected for interview.


Can I access the recruitment systems on my Mac or netbook?

Oriel is accessed using advanced web technologies via a secure Internet connection.

All that is needed to access Oriel is a supported Internet browser (Internet Explorer Version 7 or higher, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and a reasonable connection to the Internet. No other software needs to be installed onto your PC.


Can I access the recruitment systems on my iPhone or Android device?

On the whole yes. As all of the systems have been designed to be compatible with the majority of computers you should be able to access your account and interact with it to some extent.

Health Education England - Wessex only recommends submitting your application and acting on an offer via a desktop or laptop computer with a full internet connection.


What do I need to bring to interview?

Please refer to the What to bring to Interview page for further information on what you need to bring to interview.


Where are the interviews going to be held?

Details of interview locations will be supplied to candidates with their invitation to interview. The Recruitment Team will endeavour to hold all interviews in the locality of the HEE Local Office.


Can I claim expenses for attending interview?

On the whole yes, however there are specific requirements for making your claim. Each HEE Local Office will operate slightly different policies and procedures so please check the relevant information before making a claim. Do not assume that all expenses will be reimbursed automatically. Health Education England - Wessex requires that all flights and overnight stays are authorised in advance, this is very likely to be the case with many HEE Local Offices.


Can I apply for more than one specialty?

Candidates can potentially apply for as many posts and/or specialties as they wish, however national recruitment programmes will operate a process of preference and ranking. Please refer to specific specialty information for exact details.


If I am offered a post how long will I have to decide whether I want to accept?

Health Education England guidance currently allows successful candidates 48 hours to make a decision on whether they wish to Accept, Decline or Hold the offer of a training post. There are nationally agreed timescales for 2019  which are available from the Recruitment Timetable page.


If I am offered a post can I defer entry?

Under the guidelines published in the Gold Guide only deferrals based upon statutory reasons will be accepted. This includes maternity/paternity leave, sick leave, jury service and some other reasons. Successful candidates are no longer eligible for deferral if they are already registered on a higher degree programme. If this is the case they should apply in the round of recruitment for which they will be eligible to commence training. If you have any queries please contact the Wessex Recruitment Team.


How will I know where I will be working should I be successful?

Each programme operates a standard rotation in various Trusts across the region. For details of the rotation for your specialty please refer to the Training Programme Description on the specialty information page.


When will I know which Trust I will be working in?

Each specialty training programme rotates in a slightly different way, similarly allocation to a rotation will be different in each specialty. You will be asked to make a preference for certain Trusts, specialty posts or sections of the region depending upon specialty. Your offer will include which preference has been assigned to you.

In line with code of practice, all trainees will be informed 12 weeks before their start date which Trust they will be working in.


What do I have to do to withdraw from the process?

Candidates are entitled to withdraw their application at any stage of the process. You must inform the HEE Local Office to which you have applied immediately in order that your application is not submitted to the next stage of selection.


Can I apply for Less Than Full Time training?

Please refer to our policy on less than full time training.



For recruitment 2019 the Wessex will continue to provide feedback to applicants at each stage of the application process. Details of what Feedback is provided at each stage of the recruitment process can be found on the candidate feedback page.


Round Two:

The second round of recruitment will again incorporate appointments to higher specialty training and unfilled posts from round 1.

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