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ST1 Interview Scoring Criteria

Candidates invited to interview will be assessed against the following criteria:


Knot Tying - candidates will be assessed on suture handling and knowledge.

Video assisted Thoracoscopy - candidates will be assessed on instrument handling and task completion.

Suture station - candidates will be assessed on instrument, suture and tissue handling and the quality of the final product.

Situational Judgement Questions

Candidates will be asked six questions and will be assessed as per the criteria below


Pretty poor


Pretty Good



No positive indicators

Poor discussion requiring frequent prompts and with several negative indicators

Adequate discussion with a few negative indicators

A good performance but some direction with probes required. Many positive indicators included in response

Excellent well rounded discussion requiring minimal prompting and including no negative indicators


Communication Station

Candidates will be asked to complete an excercise with an actor. The Assessors will score using the following rating criteria.

Clear well crafted message Active listening Empathy and Sensitivity Engagement Conceptual thinking and problem solving

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