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Candidate Recruitment Feedback

Applicants will be given feedback during the following stages of the recruitment process:

  • Longlisting
  • Shortlisting (if applicable)
  • Interview/Selection centre

Feedback will be provided to all applicants, not just those that request it (unless otherwise specified that it is permissible not to provide)

Longlisting Feedback

If you are unsuccessful at the longlisting stage you will be provided with the following:

  • A rationale as to why you were deemed unsuccessful / ineligible.


Shortlisting Feedback

If shortlisting occurs, all applicants will be provided with the following information:

  • Total shortlisting score
  • Total score available for shortlisting
  • The score you would have needed to achieve in order to be invited to interview

Feedback should ideally be provided at the time of notification of the shortlisting outcome. Where this is not possible it will be sent to you no more than one week after completion of interviews.

The Health Education England - Wessex Recruitment Team are unable to give you feedback on the content of your application. If you require further feedback on your application, please contact your Educational Supervisor in the first instance. Provide them with a copy of your application form and the shortlisting criteria which will be available from both this site and the relevant lead recruiter/Royal College websites.


Interview/Assessment Centre Feedback

Feedback will be provided no later than one week after the national first offers deadline for that round.

Following interviews all applicants will be provided with the following information, which will be released to you in Oriel:

  • Score per station
  • Total score
  • Maximum score available
  • Information about how scores are calculated, including the percentage contribution of shortlisting score, where applicable
  • Your appointability and the minimum score required for appointability
  • Your ranking


Scoresheets will be sent to all applicants via email.

Health Education England - Wessex retains all recruitment information for a period of 13 months following interview, after which time all recruitment material, other than statistics, is destroyed.

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