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Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT)

Health Education England Wessex offers support to all trainees who, for well-founded individual reasons, wish to be considered for Less than Full-time Training. The intention is to keep doctors within the NHS who might otherwise leave due to an inability to work on a full time basis. LTFT is available to all training grades within HEE Wessex.

All LTFT training of any kind must take place in posts and programmes prospectively approved by the GMC for training purposes. LTFT training is subject to eligibility, the identification of a suitable placement and availability of resources.

The key aims of LTFT training are:

  • To retain doctors within the NHS workforce who are unable to train on a full time basis
  • To promote career development and work/life balance for doctors training within the NHS
  • To ensure continued training in programmes on a time-equivalent (pro rata) basis
  • To maintain a balance in LTFT arrangements with regards to educational needs and those of the service

For more information regarding Less Than Full Time training, please refer to our guidance document (pdf) and the GMC Position Statement (Nov 2017) (pdf)

Trainees who wish to be considered for Less Than Full Time Training should complete and return the LTFT application form (word). Please read our application and approval process guidance for help with completing your application.

Trainees are encouraged to apply as far as possible in advance of wishing to undertake Less Than Full Time Training and a minimum of 12 weeks before the anticipated start date of your LTFT training.

After the LTFT application has been approved the trainee will be required to complete and return a Less Than Full Time Working Scheme Confirmation of Funding Form no later than 4 weeks before the expected start date of the LTFT placement. Please select the relevant form from the options below.


Should a trainee wish to change their working percentage they will need to email the LTFT inbox to seek permission and if approved, complete a new funding form.

Emergency Medicine LTFT Pilot

HEE are undertaking a 12 month pilot in England in which all existing Emergency Medicine Higher trainees and ST3 Run Throughs who are expected to progress to ST4 in August 2017 may submit an application to train at LTFT under Category 3.

For further information please contact Emergencymedicine.WX@hee.nhs.

It is important to note that you must not presume your application will be successful.


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