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Wessex SEAP Analysis

The Wessex SEAP Analysis of the top 25 educational questions on GMC national trainee survey data can be viewed via the private Wessex Quality Management pages (Currently in development). This is criterion referenced as it is compared to expected standards.

SEAP: Standardised Educational Audit Project

SEAP Standardised Educational Audit Project refers to the quality assurance project which started in 1993 at Portsmouth in Wessex as part of a PhD study. This system has run across Wessex since 2006 and is known as the Standardised Educational Audit Project or SEAP. At its core is the sharing of identified issues and local action plans to address these issues

  • Issue
  • Action
  • Review
  • who
  • when
  • what

IAR.www  is a specific outline of a problem identified within one speciality in a trust. The Issue is stated alongside the action planned to resolve the Issue. This is reviewed by a named person (who) at a specific time (when) using a stated method (what) such as a report or visit

For any queries relating to this document please contact: Professor Mark Rickenbach, Associate Dean for Wessex

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