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Quality Trainee Representative - Role Profile

Wessex Deanery is committed to trainee involvement in all of its business. These guidelines are intended to enhance the understanding of the Quality Trainee Representative role.


The overriding purpose of this role is to act as the ‘voice of the trainee’ for quality issues within the Deanery and to enhance trainee engagement in the Deanery’s quality management activity. To link in with each School trainee representative on a regular basis and with Specialty trainee representatives where required and to support the other Quality trainee representative.

GMC Standard

This requirement links to the GMC Standards for Deaneries: 5:2. The deanery must ensure active and meaningful involvement and engagement of key stakeholders: trainees, trainers, patients and the service or employer.

Appointment and Tenure

  • Appointed by a panel following local advert and application process.
  • Holds post for one year in the first instance, with annual review.
  • Applicant must be on a training programme within the Wessex Deanery.
  • This post is an unpaid, honorary role.
  • The post is accountable to the Associate Dean for Quality.


Role and Responsibilities

As one of two Quality Trainee Representatives these roles and responsibilities will be shared and both representatives will support one another in the delivery of these.

  • To be an active member of the Deanery’s Quality Management Steering Group, ensuring a trainee representative attend. This group meets three times a year.
  • Act as a link for trainees to feedback to the Quality team on ideas and issues that they would like raised at the Steering Group.
  • Provide a Trainee update at the Steering Group and offer guidance on how best to increase and develop trainee involvement in quality processes.
  • Co-ordinate feedback to the Quality team from School trainee representatives.
  • Feedback to School trainee representatives on the following: a) Quality Management Steering Group information and developments b) GMC National Survey results – publicise what the Deanery do with the information and how trainees can access these results c) Disseminate important Quality documents and messages.
  • Represent the Deanery as a Trainee representative on any regulator visits and to communicate the outcomes of such visit to trainees.
  • Be a panel member for the Deanery’s Notable Practice Educational Quality Awards.
  • Provide feedback on documents when requested, including the Annual Deanery Report to the GMC and other policy guidance documents.
  • Undertake specific projects on behalf of the Quality team as required.

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