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Quality strategy

The framework sets out the expectations for quality within the work-based learning environment and our local teams will work with placement providers and higher education institutes to drive quality improvement and ensure that innovation and best practice is celebrated and shared across the country. The standards are also clear that patients are partners in developing and supporting education and training, setting out that providers proactively engage with patients, service users, carers, citizens and learners to shape curricula, assessments and course content to support an ethos of patient partnership within the learning environment.

The multi-professional framework will enable HEE to support our system partners and education and placement providers by delivering a whole workforce quality perspective.  This approach will also provide a platform to respond to concerns about education and training quality from across the system, and enable the identification, sharing and adoption of good practice across the health and care system.

In the section below you will find the following documents:

  • HEE Quality Strategy – describing our vision for a consistent, multi-professional approach to improving quality.
  • HEE Quality Framework – describing the domains, standards and expectations to demonstrate a high quality learning environment.
  • HEE Quality Standards - a summary of the standards referred to in the strategy
  • A HEE Quality Framework Handbook – describing our systems and processes by which we will evaluate, assess risks, manage and improve quality. Our teams will continue to implement and test the processes described within the Quality Handbook during 2017/18 to deliver a consistent and robust quality management system to underpin our Quality Framework. 

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