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Learner Surveys - NETS and NTS

National Education and Training Survey (NETS)

The National Education and Training Survey (NETS) was developed to provide an overview of the quality of placements from a learner perspective across all learner groups. It provides a critical source of data to underpin the Quality Framework and is integral to the success and sustainability of the Framework.

Outcomes from academic partner research:

  • the content validity and acceptability of the survey had been improved as a result of the revisions;
  • a single survey is acceptable and feasible to all occupational groups included within the pilot phase;
  • analysis from the pilot suggests the survey measures a continuum of the educational quality of the placement as well as being able to act as a diagnostic indicator of a negative adverse learning environment;
  • the 5 point Likert scale should be retained;
  • there is evidence to support content, construct and criterion validity, internal consistency and test-retest reliability.

Next steps:

  • create a number of pilots sites to implement NETS;
  • develop a platform through which NETS can be delivered; analysed and reported through the Quality Dashboard;
  • consider the means through which learners can be encouraged to undertake completion of the Survey;
  • continue to refine NETS;
  • validate NETS;
  • utilise the NETS results to identify key trends and themes across all learner groups to inform multi-professional approaches to


GMC National Training Survey (NTS) - Trainee & Trainer

Further information

If you have any further queries, please contact the quality team via

The Quality team only manage queries relating to the GMC National Training Survey. If you would like further information on the NTS, please visit our GMC Survey webpages.

Any survey outside of the NTS will be handled by our Schools. If you are interested in distributing a survey to our trainees, please contact the relevant School.


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