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GMC National Training Surveys

National Trainee and Trainer Surveys

For information relating to the NTS survey please contact the HEE Wessex Quality team via


Results for Trainee and Trainer Surveys

Wessex-specific data can be found on our 2016 National Training Survey page and our 2017 National Training Survey page.

GMC Survey results can be viewed via the GMC survey tool.


Background to the Survey

The National Training Survey is a core part of the GMC’s quality monitoring of medical education and training in the UK. The purpose of the survey is to assess the effectiveness of, and the perceptions of postgraduate medical education and training. It provides a snapshot of training at a certain time to be triangulated with other sources of data.

The GMC and Health Education England (HEE) consider it a professional expectation that all doctors in training complete the GMC Survey.

The results are used by us to identify areas of good practice and improvement and forms an important part of the overall quality information for each post and in turn the quality of training.

Further information

National results are also accessible to everyone via the GMC survey tool, as well as results from previous GMC Survey years (from 2012 onwards).

All results are anonymous, but the HEE Wessex Quality team do review all outliers in conjunction with each School and Trust education leads.

Please contact the HEE Wessex Quality team via for further information.

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