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Supporting & escalating concerns

Any issues about the quality of education and training need to be addressed openly and transparently, with information shared to ensure we protect the interests of patients. Learners are uniquely placed, they are the eyes and ears of the service, and provide valuable information about the effectiveness of their education and training and, in turn, the quality and safety of patient care. 

If you are unsure whether you need to raise concerns these materials may help:- e-learning session and two films ‘Raising Concerns’ and ‘Responding to Concerns’ .

Supporting and Escalating Concerns:  Pathway for Learners

HEE believes that it is important that Healthcare Learners are able to raise and, where appropriate, escalate concerns. The flow chart below highlights the ways in which you can do this. You are encouraged to follow the appropriate pathway, starting with reporting the concern within your clinical learning environment in the first instance. For further information please contact the Quality Team at 

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