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Notable Practice Award 2010 - Commended

Clinical Oncology Training Programme


The Clinical Oncology training programme at Southampton General has notably improved over the last 1-2 years. Even though the volume of staff has not increased the training needs of the Registrars were adequately addressed by site specific rotations within the department thus providing a more efficient and effective training of complex sites which we were not very confident about.

There is not only a 2 monthly regional registrar training day that we have been allowed to attend since 2006/7 but since June of this year have  focussed  radiotherapy training afternoons once a month. This aspect of continuous training  with scheduled learning sessions to allow us to build, develop and diversify our skills is very attractive to some one considering training in clinical oncology in the Wessex – notably Southampton and Poole Hospitals.

In addition the trainees are encouraged to attend the year 1 and 2 FRCR course which is now run by the ICR but as part of an MSc in Oncology.  Our programme director is attentive to our training requirements and how they can be adequately addressed and most of all being fair with the process.

Contact details for further information

Dr S. Ramkumar (Programme Director for Clinical Oncology) -

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