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GMC Recognition of Trainers -

Educational and Named Clinical Supervisors

The HEE Wessex supervisor database

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Becoming recognised and maintaining recognition as a supervisor

To become a recognised supervisor we require the following:

  1. To have attended an 'induction' supervisor course. As an example, HEE Wessex run a two-day induction course named Recognition of Trainers: Induction for ES and NCS.
  2. The DME at your employing Trust must confirm their support for you to act as a supervisor (their support is obtained by the Quality Team via email).

 For ongoing recognition we will require the supervisor's appraiser to confirm that they have:

  • Discussed the role of educational supervisor (or named clinical supervisor) at each annual appraisal as part of full scope of practice.
  • Provided written feedback with reflections on at least one ES ARCP report in a five year cycle an Educational Supervisor.
  • Completed a minimum of 10 hours of CPD, that must include at least 8 hours of face-to-face training relevant to the role, with e-learning making up the difference (e.g. e-learning for health), with reflections. A full list of face-to-face training available in HEE Wessex is listed here.


Download a copy of the ES ARCP feedback form by clicking on the following hyperlink: ES ARCP feedback form

Download a copy of the ES ARCP report guidance by clicking on the following hyperlink: ES ARCP report guidance

Download a copy of the ES Appraisal five year renewal form by clicking on the following hyperlink: ES Appraisal form


HEE Wessex courses

For further information on the courses offered by HEE Wessex please click here. Please direct any queries relating to these courses to the Professional Development Unit via


GP supervisors

For information on General Practice supervisors, please see the GMC's website which holds a complete list.


General Medical Council

For further information relating to the GMC process of Supervisor Recognition please see the GMC website.

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