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GMC Recognition of Supervisors -

Named Educational and Clinical Supervisors

How do I become a fully recognised named Supervisor?

  1. You must have attended a relevant supervision course within the last three years (See 'Which are the relevant courses that I can attend?' below);
  2. The DME at your employing Trust must support you (their support is obtained by the Quality Team via email).


Which are the relevant courses that I can attend?

  • Recognition of Supervisors: The Essentials (two day introductory course)
  • Recognition of Supervisors: Named Clinical Supervisor Development Course (one day course)
  • Recognition of Supervisors: The Refresher (one day course, used to maintain recognition for one of the above courses)


For access to the latest dates for supervisors' courses please use the Course Booking Management System on the courses and conferences website. Any queries relating to courses can be raised with the Professional Development Unit via:

Please note

  • The supervision courses expire three years after attendance. A Refresher course must be attended in order to remain recognised as a named supervisor after this; we advise you attend one prior to the date of your expiry.

  • If you do not attend a Refresher course, any trainees already allocated to you can remain under your supervision until completion of their post, but you cannot be allocated any new trainees. You may supervise new trainees again once more if you then do attend a Refresher course.


How can I check my recognition status?

We hold a database of all supervisors (excluding GP trainers) and their recognition statuses: Wessex recognised educational and clinical supervisors database (Excel)

Last updated: 14/11/2017 (updated monthly)

Please note

  • Not all individuals within the database are fully recognised; some supervisors are booked onto future courses and some supervisors' courses have expired;
  • Column A of the spread sheet notes whether or not the supervisor is fully recognised.
  • If you feel your details should be added or removed from our database, or that any information is incorrect, please contact the Quality Team via to request the database be amended.


GP supervisors

For information on General Practice supervisors, please see the GMC's website which holds a complete list.


General Medical Council

For further information relating to the GMC process of Supervisor Recognition please see the GMC website.

Contact us

If you have any queries or have attended a supervisor course run by a different Local Office or Royal College/Faculty and wish for the Wessex database to be updated accordingly, please notify the Quality Team by email:

Provided the course is a sufficient equivalent to one of the above courses, the database will be amended.


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