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General Medical Council

The General Medical Council (GMC) is responsible for the regulation and quality assurance of medical education and training as well as setting the standards for training. Further information can be found on the GMC website.

Key Documents and Links

The Trainee Doctor – Foundation and specialty, including GP training

The Trainee Doctor - Foundation and specialty, including GP training (pdf) integrates the 'Generic standards for specialty including GP training' with 'The New Doctor' standards for training in the Foundation Programme.

Standards for trainers have been published and are included as a sub-set of the standards under 'Domain 6 – Support and development of trainees, trainers and local faculty'. The standards must be applied wherever Foundation and specialty training take place.

Quality Improvement Framework

The Quality Improvement Framework (pdf) gives an overview of how the GMC will quality assure undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and training in the UK until 2012.


Health and Disability review in 2013

For information relating to the review of health and disability in medical education and training in 2013 and the resources that are availble as a consquence, please see the GMC website pages.


The Shape of Training Review

The GMC are currently undertaking a review of postgraduate medical education and training. For further information please see the Shape of Training website

GMC National Surveys

The GMC run an annual survey asking all trainees about the training they receive in their current post. Information on these results are available on the Wessex GMC National Training Survey webpages.


GMC Postgraduate Education and Training

Please see the Postgraduate Education and Training section of the GMC website for further information.

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