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Steering Group

A Steering Group was established in 2015 to help steer the work and development of the HEE Wessex School of Quality Improvement, alongside providing a forum for improvement leads to share their work across the Wessex region. The Group meets every six months.

Terms of Reference

The Group is supported by Terms of Reference which are reviewed annually. The Terms outlines the Group's purpose and authority, alongside its ways of working and membership. The current Terms of Reference document can be accessed here.


The School has tried to ensure representation from stakeholders across Wessex to sit on the Group. Membership will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure the Group remains inclusive and flexes to meet the needs of the Wessex region. We are in the process of obtaining links to the improvement pages and key contacts for each representative.

Health Education England (Wessex)

  • Associate Workforce Transformation Lead
  • Associate Dean for Patient Safety
  • Head of Quality


A representative from the following:

  • Current Fellow on a HEE Wessex supported QI Fellowship
  • HEE Wessex QI Alumni
  • Improvement leads from each provider Trust
  • Wessex Patient Safety Collaborative
  • Wessex Strategic Clinical Network
  • NHS England/Improvement
  • HIOW and Dorset STP's
  • Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy
  • Others as invited, including education institutions


If you have any queries or want to be added to our mailing list please contact us via  #QIWessex

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