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The Habits of Improvers - 22 October 2015

The School of QI were pleased to welcome Professor Bill Lucas to speak at our evening event on 22 October 2015.

Prof Lucas introduced his thought paper, The Habits of Improvers (pdf), which he has published in conjunction with the Health Foundation. Workshop style discussions followed to explore the concepts presented in the thought paper.

Prof Lucas has kindly provided the slides from his presentation which can be found here - The Habits of Improvers Presentation (pdf)

Prof Lucas outlining the Habits of Improvers wheelProf Lucas presentation

Showcase Presentations

A number of individuals took the opportunity to showcase the work they have been undertaking across the region. Presentation topics included:

  • Podiatric rheumatology three year QI programme - Solent NHS Trust
  • Patient Handover - Solent NHS Trust
  • The Use of Multi-Modal, Hybrid Simulation in the Training of Health Professionals - Hampshire Hospitals and University Hospital Southampton NHS FT
  • Flipping Masters Dissertations - Bournemouth University. The slide from this presentation is available here (pdf)


Steve Keen presentation

Feedback from the Evening Event

 Really enjoyed the evening and will take learning back to the Trust"

"Extremely useful, and pleased it was related to newly launched publications and national work"

"Informative and thought provoking, mini presentations are great for sharing improvment ideas"

 What part of the evening did you enjoy the most? "The presentation by Bill Lucas, very thought provoking

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