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Patient Safety First Programme


All Health Education England (Wessex) doctors in specialty training are supported to deliver a patient safety project in the first year of their training programme (Core training or ST1 level) as part of our Patient Safety First fellowship programme. All Wessex trainees must attend the one-day introduction and educational Patient Safety First masterclass which, alongside patient safety learning, covers areas such as human factors, leadership and quality improvement tools and methods. Each trainee is assigned a Patient Safety Champion project supervisor/mentor in his/her place of employment and carries out their patient safety project over a period of 12 months.

This programme is also open to other healthcare professionals.

This programme culminates in an annual Wessex Trainees' Patient Safety Conference. The day is an opportunity for all fellows to produce and display a poster of their patient safety project, in addition to hearing presentations from a number of key note speakers.

Web based educational tool to support projects

A web-based educational tool has been developed by a Health Education England (Wessex) Quality Improvement fellow. Dr Sarah Noble, an Emergency Medicine trainee, developed, in conjunction with Health Education England (Wessex) and external developers, a real time, searchable, responsive web based tool as part of her quality improvement project.

This tool aims to facilitate communication and project support for all patient safety fellows and access is given to attendees of the Patient Safety First programme, alongside both specialty and Trust/employer mentors.

Access to this tool must be approved. To log into the tool or request access please click here

How to register onto this programme

The one-day introduction and education Patient Safety First masterclass is organised by the Health Education England (Wessex) Professional Development Unit team.

For more information please click here or contact

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