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Quality Improvement Fellowship Programmes

Health Education England (Wessex) provides and supports a number of quality improvement Fellowship programmes, each with the goal of supporting individuals and teams to implement improvement work which will improve patient care. Some of the Fellowships are funded, giving awardees protected time to work on the agreed project. All programmes provide Fellows with education and leading in improvement skills, leadership develop and support to enable them to achieve the goals of the Fellowship.

The existing programmes have developed over a number of years being championed and led by individuals with energy and vision; and Fellows who participate in these programmes rate them very highly, reporting that they learn a huge amount from the experience and develop the confidence to continue to use the skills learned in their subsequent roles. The result is a rich mix of opportunity and experience.

Many of these programmes are offered and supported in conjunction with the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy.

Fellowships currently offered by the Wessex School of Quality Improvement

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Individual Quality Improvement Fellowships 

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Staff and Associate Specialist (SAS) Quality Improvement Fellowships 

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Team Based Quality Improvement Fellowships 

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Other programmes supported but not directly recruited to/led by the School

Improving Global Health Programme

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Patient Safety First Programme

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