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Development areas since 2015 

The School of QI have been working on a number of development areas since 2015. These include:

Wessex School of QI Steering Group

A biannual advisory group is being established to support the development of the virtual School of QI. The group is made up by representatives from Health Education England (Wessex) as well as external stakeholders such as the Wessex AHSN, provider Trusts and the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy. The first meeting took place in October 2015.

Review of existing quality improvement programmes

A stocktake of programmes currently supported by Health Education England (Wessex) will include the support available (including e-learning resources), evaluation systems and feedback from fellows.

Systems for sharing good practice

These will be developed at a local and national level, working to support the application of successful initiatives developed in particular clinical areas to other clinical areas; identifying and then applying the underpinning education model.

Web based educational tool

Review the options for refining the existing tool so that it can capture and store QI projects from all healthcare professionals, allowing access by Fellows and their mentors in real-time. This is currently in place for those on the Patient Safety First programme (primarily junior doctors).

Development of quality improvement learning resources

Formal learning resources will developed at three levels from foundation through to expert.



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