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Wessex School of Quality Improvement (QI)

The Wessex School of Quality Improvement (QI) is designed to bring together, make visible and co-ordinate the current range of initiatives within all portfolios of Health Education England (Wessex), as well as create new opportunities which build on these successful initiatives.

Orange BracketThe Vision of the School is to be the ‘Go to Place’ for Quality Improvement – to inspire, support, and nurture individuals, teams and organisations to enhance behavioural change and increase sustainability; ensuring individuals have the confidence, knowledge, skills and support so to do.


The School is:

  • A place to take, share and explore ideas
  • A network of people with experience/expertise in delivering QI (locally, nationally and internationally)
  • A community of mentors, coaches, good practice


The School will:

  • Support education providers to include QI skills within existing programme provision
  • Be a link/resource/broker – work with Providers to support the adoption and dissemination of successful initiatives
  • Bring together existing resources for Fellowships funded by Health Education England (Wessex) 


The ethos of the School is to work in partnership with existing organisations and networks within the Wessex area, making the activity visible rather than developing a concrete structure; it works using a distributed collaborative virtual model.

The School links the Wessex LETB with the AHSN Centre for Implementation Science, the Wessex Clinical Senate, Strategic Clinical Networks, local Higher Education Institutions who deliver programmes sponsored by Health Education England (Wessex), as well as the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy. It also facilitates the adoption and spread of initiatives and programmes which have been developed by single Health Care Providers within Wessex.

The School supports existing staff, students and trainees who work within organisations within the Health Education England (Wessex) area, to learn quality improvement skills. This education will equip them with the skills needed to implement sustainable improvements for the care of patients.

In conjunction with the School's Steering Group, a Vision and Principles document (pdf) has been created to capture the work and aims of the School.


Current programmes include:

  • Individual Quality Improvement Fellowships
  • Team Based Quality and Improvement Fellowships
  • Staff and Associate Specialist Quality Improvement Fellowships
  • Patient Safety First programme which is mandatory for all core and ST1 Wessex trainees
  • Consultant Practitioner developments programmes for Nurses, Midwives, and Allied Health Professionals across both Wessex and Thames Valley.


Please click on the links below to find out more about Quality Improvement and the work of the School:


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