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Recruitment for 2015

Details of the 2015 recruitment cycle will be formally published shortly.

Candidates are advised to keep in close touch with the web pages of the Faculty of Public Health.

Potential applicants are advised to revisit these pages regularly as it is possible that some elements will be different to last year, and in case there are updates to processes in place at any stage up until applications open. 

The process for recruitment is anticipated to be much the same as previously: on line application; eligibility checks; selection in two stages (written tests, interviews and other exercises). Potential applicants are advised to note the below dates.

Additional Information

Recruitment for Public Health is managed nationally with applicants making a single application with expressed preference for specific programmes and, for some programmes, geographical zones. Assessment and selection is standardised across England Scotland,and Wales (Northern Ireland may interview independently but use the same methodology). The Public Health specialty training programme selection process uses evidence based and validated selection methodology.

We recruit into the programme annually, in line with national guidance and requirements. Our programme is open to candidates from medical and non-medical backgrounds according to nationally agreed eligibility criteria. Queries regarding recruitment to the Wessex Deanery programme should be directed to the Programme Director, Dr Julie Parkes at the following email address

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