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Recruitment for 2017

The recruitment round for 2017 will begin in the autumn of 2016.

A team of staff, men and women at a meeting. Sitting and discussing things. Uniforms. Nurses, doctors, and allied health professionalsDetails of the recruitment cycle for August 2017 will be published on the following webpages:

Potential applicants are advised to note these dates. Potential applicants are also advised that all correspondence will be by automated e-mail with short windows for responding to invitations to stages of the process. Applicants will need regular access to e-mail.


The recruitment round for posts commencing in August 2017 begins in November 2016. The eligibility criteria, application process, assessment and selection will be similar to previous rounds of recruitment. You should observe these pages so that you have the correct information as it is subject to change as national all-specialty information is released up until the date of applications opening.

Please view the 'Faculty of Public Health: Applications in England, Scotland and Wales' webpages for all the detailed information regarding the process. Deadlines concerning the application window, assessment centres and selection centres will be posted on these pages in due course

The recruitment timeline for 2016 is as follows:

Adverts: 3 November 2016
Applications open: 10:00,  9 November 2016
Applications close: 16:00,  1 December 2016

Assessment Centre: TBC
Selection Centre: TBC
Initial offers by: 17:00 2 March 2016

If you have specific queries about the programmes, please contact the Training Programme Director (TPD) in your area or in the area in which you wish to train. Contact details for TPDs.

For general information about public health recruitment and career prospects, current registrars have published an Amazon Kindle book 'Choosing to Train in Public Health' priced £2.99.

For all enquiries about the recruitment and selection process please contact:


Specialty Training 2017 – ST1 Opportunities in Public Health

How to apply/further information:

Applicants for Academic Clinical fellowships through National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) should go to the NIHR website.

Selection into Public Health Specialty training in 2017 will be run by Health Education East Midlands for England, Scotland and Wales.

Northern Ireland will be recruiting separately. For more information see: Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency.


Additional Information

Recruitment for Public Health is managed nationally with applicants making a single application with expressed preference for specific programmes and, for some programmes, geographical zones. Assessment and selection is standardised across England Scotland, and Wales (Northern Ireland may interview independently but use the same methodology). The Public Health specialty training programme selection process uses evidence based and validated selection methodology.

We recruit into the programme annually, in line with national guidance and requirements. Our programme is open to candidates from medical and non-medical backgrounds according to nationally agreed eligibility criteria. Queries regarding recruitment to the Wessex Deanery programme should be directed to the Programme Director; Dr Julie Parkes at the following email address


2017 Recruitment details

Recruitment into public health follows a nationally standardised process which is coordinated through the East Midlands Deanery with local input at deanery level.

National specialty training information for all specialties can be accessed through the national specialty training webpages.
Potential applicants are encouraged to read current guidance on immigration issues.

Number and location of vacancies can be found at: 'Faculty of Public Health: Applications in England, Scotland and Wales' 



Applicants will make a single electronic application and will be required to state, in preference order, their programmes, or relevant sub programmes, of choice. Offers to applicants meeting the minimum required standards at interview will be made according to the final ranking scores in line with expressed preferences until all spaces are filled in all programmes. Applicants are advised to think carefully about preferencing. Final scores take account of written test scores as well as interview scores.

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