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Public Health Practitioner Development

Two nurses looking at a useful documentWhat is a Public Health Practitioner?

 People who spend a major part or all of their time in public health practice. They are likely to work in multi professional teams and include people who work with groups and communities as well as with individuals. Some of this group may be involved in project delivery. At a more senior level, they will be providing management and leadership across different organisations.


Centre for Workforce Intelligence (2016) Understanding the public health practitioner: a CfWI study.

We support education, training and development for anyone who wants to develop knowledge and skills in public health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. In particular, we work together to co-ordinate and develop training for the wider workforce, practitioners and specialists.

Public Health Practitioner Programme - information about the programme for Practitioners, Assessors and Verifiers.

For public health practitioner training and public health workforce development enquiries, please contact the team:

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