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Organisations that Advertise and Recruit Staff

BOND – Networking for International Development

BOND is the UK network of voluntary organisations working in international development.  Its aim is to improve the UK’s contribution to international development by promoting the exchange of experience, ideas and information.

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Charity Job

Charity Job advertises jobs for over 900 charities ranging from health to the environment. Its aim is to help charities to fulfil their mission by saving them millions of pounds in staff recruitment costs. It was started in February 2000 and is now the UK's busiest web site for charity recruitment.

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Christians Abroad

Christians Abroad works to serve the Christian community and beyond as an advice and support agency for individuals and organisations. It does this by giving advice and information; by responding to requests for volunteers or locally paid staff in schools, hospitals and community projects in the developing world; and by giving practical help to individuals and organisations.

In its service to the Christian community it works with all denominations and churches, serving all who want to support mission and development work through their personal input. It does not ask for agreement to any specific statement of faith, and acknowledge that there are many approaches to mission and development.

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Global Medic Force

Global Medic Force is a charity that provides developing countries with medical experts (such as clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, lab techs and clinical administrators) who are deployed as clinical mentors. The placements are between 6-12 weeks and are throughout the developing world including countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Vietnam, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

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International Service

International Service is a development agency working in Latin America, West Africa and the Middle East. It combats poverty and oppression by working to increase global understanding of development issues and improving local society in the world’s poorest countries. It partners with local organisations, places experienced individuals and levers resources to empower people and facilitate change.

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Nursing Abroad – Overseas Section of NursingNet

NursingNet provides information about nursing posts overseas.

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OneWorld is an organisation which advertises volunteer and paid positions in all strands of international aid work.

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Progressio is the new name of the Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR). It is an international development charity working for justice and the eradication of poverty. They place experienced professionals overseas to share their skills and knowledge with partners in eleven different countries.

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SkillShare International

Skillshare International works to reduce poverty, injustice and inequality and to further economic and social development in partnership with people and communities throughout the world. It does this by sharing and developing skills and ideas, facilitating organisational and social change and building awareness of development issues.

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Volunteer Africa

Volunteer Africa is an international ‘not for profit’ organisation that is run by a team of volunteers spread around the world. Volunteer Africa has been established to give people from around the world the opportunity to work on community initiated projects in developing countries. In return for hosting these international volunteers the host organisation receives donations from the volunteers.

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Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

Voluntary Service Overseas is an independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries.

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World Service Enquiry

World Service Enquiry is a charity that provides overseas placements, information and career advice to people who want to volunteer or work in international aid and development at home, or overseas in the developing world. It is the information activity of Christians Aboard.

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