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Salisbury Sudan Medical Link

The Salisbury – Sudan Link was established in 1972 between the Salisbury Diocese and the Episcopal Church of Sudan. Over the years this has developed in four focussed areas:

  • Support for theological training and schools - by funding the provincial ECS theological colleges.
  • Provision of medicines and medical equipment - a need left from the civil war.
  • Advocacy – speaking up for Sudan where its voice cannot be heard.       
  • Communications – helping the ECS reach out to the world and connect.


The Medical Link was set up in 1983 and focuses on:

  • the distribution of primary health care kits distributed from a pharmacy in Kampala
  • training of medical workers and
  • funding of health awareness projects, mainly in southern Sudan.


In South Sudan it covers an area from Wau southward. This includes Yei, where there are strong links with the Church Missionary Society, Ireland, which itself has connections with the Winchester Hospital - Yei Link. 

As the government administration in South Sudan develops, it is anticipated that the contribution the Link will change and their aim is to move:

  • away from the distribution of primary health care kits and medicines
  • into more support for  the training of nurses, particularly midwives.


It supports, for example, individuals on the Maridi 3 year Government Nurse training course and could support others e.g. in Juba, if the case were made. It could also support teachers from England who were seconded for a period of time to train students in South Sudan.

Further information can be obtained from Dr Robin Sadler, the Medical Adviser to the Link on

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