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Publications Relevant to the NHS on International Health 


Crisp Report - Global Health Partnerships: the UK Contribution to Health in Developing Countries

Published on 13 February, 2007, Lord Crisp's report was in response to an invitation from the Prime Minister and the Secretaries of State for Health and International Development to look at how UK experience and expertise in health could be used to best effect to help improve health in developing countries

At the outset it was agreed that this review would:

  • Be based on countries’ needs as identified and expressed by people from those countries
  • Aim to add practical value to work already under way.


Government Response to the Crisp Report

Global health partnerships: the UK contribution to health in developing countries - the Government response

Published on 15 March, 2008, this document is the formal Government response to Lord Crisp's report on the UK contribution to health in developing countries. It broadly supports the proposals made.


Health is Global

Health is Global: a UK Government Strategy 2008   is the first cross-government strategy to highlight the breadth of challenges that face all of us in the area of global health. It outlines a set of principles and actions that the UK Government will focus on over the next five years to improve health across the world, including the UK, in partnership with others.

Health is Global goes beyond what others have done by mapping where global health issues arise across a whole range of government business including security, development, trade, the way we work with international institutions and how we build evidence for action more effectively.

The strategy highlights the importance of coherence and consistency in government policy and identifies ways to work even more effectively with our partners to deliver better health outcomes. Commitments set out in Health is Global will be taken forward by lead government departments in the coming months and years.


International Humanitarian and Health Work: toolkit to support good practice

The Humanitarian and Health Work Toolkit was designed in 2003 to help strengthen the capacity and capability of the NHS in England to assist with international development and humanitarian emergencies. It raises issues surrounding the release of health professionals from the NHS to work abroad on humanitarian and health development initiatives and the benefits that such work can bring, not only to the NHS but also to patients and the professional development of the individuals themselves.


The Framework for NHS Involvement in International Development

The Framework for NHS Involvement in International Development has been developed to provide greater clarity on how NHS agencies and individuals can best maximise their potential to contribute in a sustainable and appropriate way to capacity building in developing countries. It builds on the Department of Health's 2003 International Humanitarian and Health Work Toolkit to support good practice.


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