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Sources of Evidence of Effectiveness

Centre for Reviews and Dissemination

Centre for Reviews and Dissemination - This provides links to the three websites below:

  • Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects: This contains 15,000 abstracts of systematic reviews including over 6,000 quality assessed reviews and details of all Cochrane reviews and protocols.
  • NHS Economic Evaluation Database: This contains 24,000 abstracts of health economics papers including over 7,000 quality assessed economic evaluations.
  • Health Technology Assessment: This brings together details of over 8,000 completed and ongoing health technology assessments from around the world.



NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) is an independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health. It provides a link to NHS Evidence that helps you find, access, and use high quality clinical information.

Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library consists of a regularly updated collection of evidence-based medicine databases, including The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. This database includes systematic reviews of healthcare interventions that are produced and disseminated by The Cochrane Collaboration. Based on the best available information about healthcare interventions, Cochrane reviews explore the evidence for and against the effectiveness and appropriateness of treatments (medications, surgery, education, etc) in specific circumstances.

Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence is owned by BMJ Publishing Group Limited. Its systematic reviews summarise the current state of knowledge and uncertainty about the prevention and treatment of clinical conditions, based on thorough searches and appraisal of the literature. It is neither a textbook of medicine nor a set of guidelines. It describes the best available evidence from systematic reviews, RCTs, and observational studies where appropriate, and if there is no good evidence it says so.

Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility

ARIF provides access to a wide range of reviews of evidence it has carried out. It is a specialist unit based at the University of Birmingham. The role of ARIF is to improve the incorporation of research findings into population level health care decisions in the NHS in the West Midlands region. This is achieved by helping health care workers access and interpret research evidence, particularly systematic reviews of research, in response to particular problems they are experiencing. ARIF can also be commissioned to carry out reviews of evidence.

TRIP Database

The TRIP Database service provides easy access to a database of reviews of evidence. Its evolution has been guided by the desire to answer real clinical questions using the principles of evidence based medicine. Its services cover Clinical Based Answering Systems, Literature Searching, Meta-Data, Educational Tools and Consultancy.


The impetus behind Bandolier, an Oxford based organisation, is to find information about evidence of effectiveness (or lack of it), and put the results forward as simple bullet points of those things that worked and those that did not: a bandolier with bullets. Information comes from systematic reviews, meta-analyses, randomised trials, and from high quality observational studies.


Bazian was started by two clinicians at the British Medical Journal who were helping to establish its product Clinical Evidence. Recognising the utility of evidence-based medicine for health systems globally, they founded Bazian in 1999. Since then Bazian has worked with various organisations to bring robust evidence and expertise to pathway and service design, commissioning business cases and purchasing/coverage decisions.

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