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NewsletterThe Professional Support Unit publishes a regular newsletter for all Postgraduate Medical and Dental Trainees, Trainers, Case Manager's, VSG members and all HEE, Wessex staff.

Each edition includes a feature article relating to a specific area of the PSU and provides important updates on what we have been up to and key developments.



PenWessex PSU Newsletter - Issue 16 May 2017 (pdf) - Features: Supporting a trainee with Asperger's to write reflectively -
         the 'debrief model'; Trainee confidentiality; PSU Quality and Governance Meeting - 2 May 2017

PenWessex PSU Newsletter - Issue 15 March 2017 (pdf) - Features: Supporting a trainee with Asperger's to write reflectively;
         Exam Challenges for International Medical Graduates and NHS GP Health Service

PenWessex PSU Newsletter - Issue 14 August 2016 (pdf) - Features: Dyslexia Support for Doctors in Training

Pen Wessex PSU Newsletter - Issue 13 May 2016 (pdf) - Feature: Trainee experience of training with health difficulties

Pen Wessex PSU Newsletter - Issue 12 February 2016 (pdf) - Feature: Men's health & Website update

Pen Wessex PSU Newsletter - Issue 11 November 2015 (pdf) - Feature: Careers Support 


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We would very much welcome your input as to what you would like to have included in the newsletter.

  •   Would you like to contribute?
  •   Do you have a story to share of using our service?
  •   Are there mysteries about the PSU that you would like unravelled?

If you have any ideas or contributions please do get in touch with any of the team.


You can find previous issues of Newsletters here.



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