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Sri Kandiah

Sri Kandiah is a BSc, MBA and Visiting Professor, University of Southampton.Sri Kandiah

By the nature of the work and settings involved, medicine is a challenging career. The coping styles, mind-sets, life-habits and work practices doctors develop, early in their career may well determine their future job-satisfaction and career survival.

Certain characteristics of the profession’s culture, such as compulsion to perform at a high level, and the tacit or overt encouragement to overwork, can erode doctors’ ability to care for themselves or to admit to their vulnerabilities.

Having gained valuable experience over thirty five years with many organisations nationally and globally (including the NHS), I am suitably equipped to offer individuals help and support in self- care, well-being (physical, emotional and spiritual) thereby developing their resilience.

The support provided thus come under two main strands

  1. Management and Leadership Skills – planning, setting goals, prioritising and organising, managing time, working in and leading teams, Leadership and Strategy, saying ‘No’ to unreasonable requests, communicating with impact (in particular for overseas doctors).
  2. Well-Being – Exercise physiology, Yoga and Meditation, Mindfulness and CBT tools

Personal Profile

A respected and experienced leadership professional, who uses his proven strategic management experience operating at Board level and exceptional inter personal skills to deliver strategic insight, leadership development and cultural change.

Disciplines include; Leadership development, Coaching/Mentoring and Counselling, Advanced Presentation Skills, Culture and Values and Team development.

Academically, Sri continues to be a Visiting Professor in India, Dubai, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and the UK teaching and Coaching MBA and MSC students in Change and Culture, Leadership, HRM and Strategy.

Linked In: S.Kandiah


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