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Information for Educators

The following pages are for the benefit of educators in the Wessex region and designed to provide help and guidance when you are considering referring a doctor in training to the PSU.


You might also find it interesting to read a Case Manager’s reflective account of their role or download our Professional Support Framework.

 * Please allow trainees time to come to their appointments for support without using their annual leave *

How do I make a referral?

If you need to make a non-exam support referral, please complete forms A and B.  All forms can be edited electronically, so therefore do not need to be printed.

If you need to make an exam support referral, please complete forms A and E.  The trainee also needs to complete the Screening for Learning Differences Form. This needs to be sent to the PSU with the referral forms - Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the exam. 

Trainees will need to have had an eye test within the past 2 years if referred for dyslexia support.

Please download the forms from below:

Once completed, please forward to

We will triage the forms on receipt. We will contact you to clarify any points at this stage, if required.



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