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International Medical Graduates

Health Education England Wessex welcomes doctors who have qualified outside the UK. There is a long tradition of postgraduate training of overseas-qualified medical professionals, including those who have come to this country as refugees or are seeking political asylum. Such doctors and dentists make a considerable contribution to medicine and there is great mutual benefit to their presence in Britain.

The Associate Dean portfolios now include responsibility for matters specific to doctors who have qualified outside the UK. It is recognised that international medical graduates face particular challenges and at HEE Wessex we are keen to be support the continued development of international trainees.

For more information on registering as a medical practitioner in the UK, please visit the GMC website.

The British Medical Association’s guide to ‘Life and Work in the UK also has a lot of useful information, for example they have published a report sharing the personal stories of 39 IMG doctors from around the world. These stories provide the opportunity to hear first-hand about their experiences.

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare as also developed a web-based educational resource in partnership with Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT) to introduce internationally qualified doctors, who are new to UK clinical practice, to ethical, social, legal and professional aspects of UK clinical practice.

Immigration Rules

For further information on immigration matters, please see:

UK Border Agency which will provide the definitive guide to immigration into the United Kingdom

NHS Careers website (general)

NHS Careers website with details for Overseas Doctors

Clinical Attachments

Clinical attachments (observerships) are useful prior to working in the UK for the first time. These can only be arranged by direct contact with a Consultant or General Practitioner (GP). We advise contacting the Director of Medical Education in the Postgraduate Centre of a hospital within your chosen geographical area. The Director of Medical Education should be able to advise which Consultants may be able to help.

Health Education England Wessex is not able to arrange clinical attachments for you. Some hospitals may charge for clinical attachments and generally you will be required to pay for your accommodation.

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