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Current Medical Education Fellows (MEFs) and Medical Education Associates (MEAs)



Lead MEFs

Dr Katie Collins
Katie is a part time GP Registrar based near Winchester and was appointed as a MEF in May 2015. She has a long-standing interest in medical education at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Katie has led a range of medical student seminars; examined OSCEs; been involved in curriculum design; facilitated on Wessex’s Tomorrow’s Teachers and Tomorrow's Teachers two courses; and represented her fellow trainees at Deanery and national level. Her current projects include a range of measures to encourage recruitment to General Practice and a research project looking at clinical thinking / clinical decision making.


Dr Frederick Speyer
Freddie is a Paediatric Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in November 2013. He has a keen interest in medical education change management, with a particular focus on evaluating service to optimise multi-professional learning. One such project was entitled ‘A learning needs assessment of how paediatric trainees learn with, and from, others in the newborn resuscitation setting’, which was undertaken in South Africa as part of an Improving Global Health Fellowship in 2013. Freddie has also completed an MSc in Medical Education via distance learning. He is currently Co-Director of the Tomorrow’s Teachers course, and strives to promote the integration of medical education into our daily working lives.


Current MEFs

Miss Rebecka Asp
Rebecka is a Trauma and Orthopaedic Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in May 2017. She has completed a Certificate in Medical Education and is currently finishing the Diploma with an aim to undertaking the Masters phase at University College London. She is part of the 'Tomorrow's Teachers' faculty and is also an ATLS instructor. She has been on the faculty for the Wessex deanery MRCS course since 2013. From an undergraduate perspective, she is an examiner for the Southampton Medical School and on the faculty of the 'Dorset Radiology Revision Course' since 2012. She has previously been involved with teaching at the Royal Society of Medicine and been a mentor for the Southampton Surgical Society. She is looking forward to developing in her role as a MEF and engaging in more postgraduate teaching. 


Dr Tom Bartlett
Tom is a Geriatrics Trainee and was appointed as a MEF in April 2017. Tom has a keen interest in teaching all members of the team from junior doctors to allied health professionals. He has been involved in teaching and setting postgraduate medical exams (particularly PACES) and has expanded to teaching quality improvement ideas and techniques to junior doctors.


Dr Stephanie Buchan
Stephanie is a Trauma and Orthopaedics Trainee and was appointed as a MEF in November 2017. She is regularly involved with teaching locally and nationally at the Royal College of Surgeons and Royal Society of Medicine. Stephanie has also been involved with standard setting for medical student exams, been a mentor for students, is an examiner for Southampton Medical School, and has coordinated teaching programmes for trainees. She has also helped produce an online FRCS revision source, co-authored a revision book and organised national courses for trainees. She has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education and is currently undertaking the Diploma with the aim to progress to the Masters in Medical Education at the University of Bristol.


Dr Clarissa Chase
Clarissa is a Paediatric Registrar and was appointed as an MEF in November 2013.  One of her main projects in the development of the Favourable Event Reporting Form (FERF) for recognising and promoting examples of good practice.  This has been taken on by a number of trusts in the regional.  She also has an interest in cross-specialty working and runs training programmes for GP trainees working in paediatrics. 


Olivia Davies
Olivia is a Geriatric Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in April 2016. 


Dr Rachael Ford
Rachael is an Anaesthetic Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in January 2016. She developed a passion for medical education in medical school and has been involved with university teaching programmes, examinations and admissions since this time. She is currently deepening her understanding of medical education by studying for a postgraduate certificate in medical education at Dundee University. She has a wealth of experience in simulation teaching, leading and facilitating courses for medical students, trainees and the RCOA.


Dr Emma Froment
Emma is a salaried GP and was appointed as a MEF in April 2017. She currently works as an OSCE examiner for the medical school and a workshop/small groups facilitator. She has a great passion for education and is keen to break the barriers she faced trying to get involved in teaching and champion medical education during her General Practice training. She has been involved in teaching since starting medical school – including teaching  sex education to teenagers, setting up a local education programme on dementia for nursing homes, and redeveloping the academic foundation curriculum in North Wales. She was instrumental in the introduction of the academic ePortfolio so foundation trainees can record their non-clinical achievements. She was one of the first GP Registrars to be involved in the FY1 shadowing/career insight mentoring and has taken part in the ‘Tomorrow’s Teachers’ Course. She plans to undertake an MSc in Medical Education.


Mr Michael Giffen
Michael is a Oral Surgery SAS doctor and was appointed as a MEF in November 2017.


Dr Russell Goodall
Russell is a specialty trainee in both Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine and was appointed as a MEF in January 2017. He has a longstanding commitment to innovation in medical education having successfully developed a number of on going regional postgraduate educational projects, including a Novice Course for new Anaesthetic trainees and a region wide viva network which he hopes to extend within this programme. He has a broad experience that includes teaching multi-professional undergraduate and post graduate groups both regionally and nationally. He is director of a high fidelity simulation training programme and enjoys instructing Advanced Life Support throughout the region. He is looking forward to developing in his role as a MEF and continuing his commitment to innovation in education.


Dr Sarah Gowing
Sarah is a Geriatrics Trainee and was appointed as a MEF in November 2017. She has had an interest in medical education since the Foundation Programme and has been involved in teaching undergraduates and junior doctors as well as members of the wider Multidisciplinary Team since then.  She has previously organised a Geriatrics for Juniors: Connect event in the region and more recently has led and developed the local departmental teaching programme.  


Dr Kate Goyder
Kate is a Paediatrics Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in April 2017. She has been training in Wessex since 2007 and has a passion for paediatric education. Her focus is multidisciplinary teaching. She has taught on many of the paediatric initiatives in Wessex such as STRAP and pRESUS as well as being a member of STrIPES and an NLS instructor. Her initiative is 'Flash Mob Teaching' which has been well received around the region and focuses on multidisciplinary teaching in busy clinical areas. She is looking forward to taking on the MEF role and taking part in this year’s conference.


Dr Roxanne Magdelena
Roxanne is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Trainee and was appointed as a MEF in November 2017. She is in her final year of the MA in Medical Education at the University of Winchester, and her dissertation focuses on early intervention and professional support for Core Trainees in Psychiatry. Past projects have included a self awareness workshop for F1s in CAMHS, which has become part of the Southampton CAMHS Induction Programme. She is keen to support FYs and CTs to have a good training experience in their Child Psychiatry placements. Roxanne is coordinator of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Higher Training Academic Programme, and a Trainee representative on the Solent Lead Educators Group. She is involved in many aspects of undergraduate medical education including student selection and OSCE examinations, and postgraduate training including clinical supervision and mock CASC exams. She has also written a Wessex CAMHS Trainee Handbook to highlight and support trainees to learning opportunities across the region.


Dr Alice Mason
Alice is a Rheumatology Trainee and was appointed as a MEF in November 2016. Alice graduated from the St Bartholomew’s and the London Medical School and undertook foundation and core medical training jobs in London before becoming a Wessex Rheumatology trainee in 2014. She has previously worked with students assisted medical and dental applications (SAMBA), as mentor for the social mobility foundation, taught on the ‘crack medicine’ course and been an OSCE examiner. Currently she is deputy training representative for Wessex Rheumatology trainees and co-ordinates trainees attending the Wessex Ultrasound Initiative. She also leads the delivery of undergraduate rheumatology teaching in Portsmouth and arranging the departmental postgraduate meetings.


Dr Nadeam Mujtaba
Nadeam is an Anaesthetics Trainee and was appointed as a MEF in November 2017. He has a wealth of teaching experience; he is a former tutor for chemistry at the University of Oxford, and has developed a course on the importance of chemistry in medicine. Within medicine he has designed and delivered undergraduate lectures in pathophysiology, post-graduate lectures in pharmacology and has developed an innovative course in the area of physics for anaesthesia.


Dr Andrew Nash
Andrew is an Anaesthetics/ICM Trainee and was appointed as a MEF in November 2017. He has along-standing interest in education and a drive to deliver it through high standard, particularly across all grounds and multi-disciplinary members within healthcare teams. His current interests include service improvement projects through patient education, directing resuscitation courses, and providing simulation education within both critical care and theatre environments.


Miss Kat Pearson
Kat is a Surgical Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in January 2011. Her main project at the moment, is working to set up Simulation training for FY1 s in acute ward based scenarios. She has designed and set up a course in one trust and is looking to expand this across the deanery. Her other interests include undergraduate teaching and assessment. She is also excited to be involved with the HEE Wessex Medical Education Conference this year. The MEF role gives her the support and advice to develop her role as a medical educator right across the deanery and further.


Dr Panos Prevezanos
Panos is a General Adult Psychiatry Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in January 2017. He has a longstanding interest in medical education that is only rivalled by his passion for clinical work. He is currently involved in various undergraduate and postgraduate medical education roles, which are testament to his inability to say no to any education-related proposition. Panos hopes that his appointment as MEF will provide him with even more learning and teaching opportunities, and allow him to improve psychiatric teaching and raise the profile of the specialty on a regional level.


Dr Jennifer Rowley
Jennie is a Paediatric Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in April 2016.


Dr Rebecca Reeves
Becky is an Anaesthetic Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in June 2015.


Dr Ben Sieniewicz
Ben is a Cardiology Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in 2012. He has devised several innovative training courses aimed at both undergraduate and postgraduate trainees and presented work both regionally and nationally. He is currently completing a post-graduate certificate in medical education through the University of Bristol.


Dr Carrie Sieniewicz
Carrie is a Radiology trainee and was appointed as a MEF in November 2016. As a foundation year doctor she helped develop and deliver a national junior-led teaching project on safe handover, and was later promoted to the role of Mentor, supporting other teachers in their work. This work was recognised with an award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching. She has also delivered handover simulation sessions to final year medical students, as well as examining in final year OSCEs and the Wessex MRCS Revision Course. Whilst volunteering in South Africa, Carrie delivered a number of teaching sessions on important health and hygiene topics to staff in rural clinics and care homes.

More recently, Carrie has helped to devise a teaching program on Radiology for Junior Doctors, to be included in the foundation year doctors’ induction program. She has also delivered a small group workshop on Evidence Based Teaching Methods to Wessex CMT trainees, which will be adapted and included in the 2017 Wessex Medical Education Conference. She intends to undertake a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education.


Dr Adam Smith
Adam is a GP Trainee and was appointed as a MEF in April 2017. He has a longstanding interest in medical education starting as an undergraduate including starting his own not for profit educational company. Adam has been involved in lecturing, facilitating small group teaching and simulation training. His interests include video recording consultations and curriculum design and delivery.

Adam has completed a PG Certificate in Medical Education from the Royal College of Physicians and University College London, and aims to progress to Masters level. Adam hopes to use his appointment to develop his passion from undergraduate into postgraduate education as well as broaden his involvement in education across HEE Wessex.


Dr Ashley Towers
Ashley is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in January 2014, having been involved in various educational initiatives since moving to Wessex in 2010. She has been a member of the Tomorrow’s Teachers faculty since 2011 and was co-director of Tomorrow's Teachers for a year prior to having two years OOPE in Australia. She is a One Minute Wonder enthusiast and has been developing and introducing OMW boards in paediatric departments around the region since 2011. She is passionate about empowering trainees to become more involved in medical education and is the current Lead for the Wessex Medical Education Mentorship Programme. 


Mr Howard Tribe
Howard is a Orthopaedic Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in January 2016. He is currently taking OOPR to undertake a PhDin articular cartilage regeneration at Southampton University, based at Southampton General Hospital. He has completed a Masters in Surgical Education from Imperial College London, in 2013 and is a certified OSCE examiner. He has been teaching since he was at medical school and was instrumental in reorganising the medical school orthopaedic teaching within King’s college when he worked in London. Of late, he has an increasing interest in education management and has recently joined the Southampton Medical School faculty as a Year 1 module lead. He is educational mentor for the region and is also in the process of joining the faculty for Tomorrow’s Teachers 1 course.


Dr Emma Vaccari
Emma is an Academic Clinical Fellow in psychiatry and was appointed as a MEF in April 2017. She has been involved in teaching since her early days at Manchester Medical School. This evolved into a passion for Medical Education in her 4th year, when she was elected Programme Representative. She continued to be involved in undergraduate teaching as well as course and curriculum design, when she moved to Southampton to work a an academic foundation doctor. She has more recently developed an interest in assessment and is part of a team developing the new Clinical Summary Exam for the medical school.


Dr James Wigley
James is an Anaesthetics Trainee and was appointed as a MEF in November 2017 having been part of the Medical Education Mentorship Programme (MEMP) during his SHO years.  James has always had an interest in medical education and worked formerly as an Anatomy demonstrator at the University of Manchester before going on to write a couple of medical education books on Trauma and Surgery.  He has examined ‘Finals’ for a number of years but more latterly has turned his attention to helping others get through the dreaded FRCA exams.  


Dr Robert Wiltshire
Robert is currently an Anaesthetics Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in June 2015. He is especially interested in postgraduate medical education and will be reading a master’s degree in Perioperative Medicine at University College London next year. With this he hopes to develop a unit of training in Preoperative Assessment for anaesthetic trainees.

Outside work Robert volunteers as a gliding instructor, teaching air cadets how to fly. He says that "put simply, nothing beats the ‘buzz’ and satisfaction of seeing a young pilot fly solo for the first time and it is a privilege to be involved in the organisation as a whole".

Robert enjoys teaching Advanced Life Support and is training to join the faculty on the Generic Instructors Course. Each year these courses train many new life support Instructors in Wessex and beyond. He has also developed and co-directed an Interview Skills course to support those applying for specialty registrar posts. This has received encouraging feedback and he looks forward to running the next course. In essence, the Medical Education Fellowship is a fantastic opportunity for Robert, one which he hopes to take full advantage of.


Current MEA


Mrs Kate Bush
Kate is an Ophthalmology Consultant in Bournemouth. She was appointed as a MEF in June 2015. She has always been interested in medical education but this really took off when she attended the Tomorrow's Teachers course at HEW and she thoroughly enjoys being part of the faculty for this. As a LTFT trainee she was particularly focused on the challenges of medical education being innovative, integrated into busy clinical practice and more structured than it is at present. She strives to bring this to scenarios where she teaches and programmes that she is involved with.

Her other current passion is surgical simulation and she is part of a regional group who are working to embed this method of training into Ophthalmology programmes across the deanery.


Mr Mark Davey
Mark is an Obstetrics and Gynaecology Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in January 2016. He graduated from the University of Southampton and undertook foundation jobs in Southampton and the surrounding area before becoming a Wessex Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainee in 2009. Since 2010 he has been part of a committee organising the monthly regional specialty teaching. He is also a Wessex Patient Safety Champion and an OSCE examiner. Mark recently commenced a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education by distance learning from Dundee.


Dr Nick Evans
Nick is a Geriatrician / Stroke Physician in Bournemouth, and since Foundation training has been enthusiastic at teaching medical students, allied health professionals and junior doctors. He particularly enjoys bedside teaching using real cases, and has been involved in OSCE and PACEs teaching. He also enjoys being on the Tomorrow's Teachers faculty, and is part way through doing his Masters in Medical Education at Winchester University.


Miss Nikki Kelsall 
Nikki is an Orthopaedic Consultant and was appointed as an MEF in 2009, and stepped down from the position as lead in 2014. She has completed a Masters in Medical Education at Winchester University and worked closely with HEE Wessex developing the trainee Extranet sites. As a Trauma and Orthopaedic Registrar she was instrumental in the development of a junior doctor teaching programme in Trauma and Orthopaedics, both at Southampton General Hospital and Poole Hospital.

She has taught the FY1s in Dorchester, lecture year one medical students and facilitate year three medical students. In her role as Lead MEF she chaired the planning committee for the yearly conference which continues to go from strength to strength each year. She also organised the MEF development programme and performed the MEF appraisals with Dr Rosie Lusznat. She is currently developing a three day FRCS (Tr&Orth) clinical skills exam preparation course. She teaches on the HEE Wessex MRCS revision and basic science courses and ATLS faculty. She has previously been a member of the Tomorrow's Teachers faculty.


Dr Hannah McPhee
Hannah is an Anaesthetics Registrar and was appointed as a MEF in July 2015. She is currently a specialty trainee in anaesthesia and enjoys the opportunity to teach other trainees both clinically and for exams. Her main interest lies in cross-specialty education, particularly in acute care settings. She set up a simulation programme for final year medical students about acute assessment and management of deteriorating patients and additionally has done a lot of work around increasing the awareness, diagnosis and immediate management of sepsis by doctors, nurses and midwives.

She has also completed the Generic Instructor course to teach ALS. She hopes to be able to extend this work in the MEF role and takes great pleasure in seeing improved confidence and competence in those she has taught, and the benefit this brings to patients.

Dr Larissa Ryan
Lara is an Old Age Psychiatrist who is currently spending some time working as a Specialty Doctor in Palliative Medicine at Countess Mountbatten House hospice in Southampton. She has been a MEF since January 2012 and is in the final year of an MA in Medical Education at the University of Winchester. Lara is a Medicine in Practice tutor at Southampton medical school and has a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience. Her main educational interests are teaching communication skills and professionalism, and using literature in medical education.


Dr Nicky Sparrow
Nicky is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at University Hospital Southampton. Throughout her training she has been involved with undergraduate education and regular teaching to juniors and peers. She is a faculty member on Tomorrow's Teachers and has found this invaluable for developing her own educational style. She has also been recommended to instruct on both ALS and ATLS courses and is working towards improving educational opportunities within her department for junior staff.


Mr Mark Szymankiewicz
Mark is a General Surgical Registrar. He is also a flexible trainee, spending his time outside medicine in competitive target rifle shooting to an international level. His educational activities within region, include being part of the MEF conference planning committee since 2009. He sits on the Deanery Quality Assurance Steering Group, and was part of the 2010 QA awards panel. He is an Examiner for Southampton University Medical School BM Finals & Intermediate OSCE s.

Mark has been a member of the Tomorrow's Teachers Faculty since 2008. He teaches on the MRCS revision course and is active in local hospital and regional teaching activities. He is also currently involved with the Royal College of Surgeons eSurgery Project as a member of the Trainee Advisory Group and has authored two eLearning sessions.


Dr Helen Wilson
Helen is a Specialty Doctor in paediatrics and was appointed as a MEF in December 2012. Her main interest lies in the use of simulation to augment the educational toolkit, in particular with relation to improving patient safety in a multi-professional environment. This interest led to the completion of a one-year Clinical Simulation Fellowship in 2012 creating the regional Neonatal Education Simulation Training (NEST) programme of simulation-based resources mapped to both the neonatal curriculum and key patient safety issues.

Helen is a founding member and co-chair of the Southampton Neonatal And Paediatric Simulation (SNAPS) group and directs the regional Simulation Faculty Development Course, which she co-created. Helen facilitates on numerous other courses including the Newborn Life Support and Generic Instructor Courses.

Helen is also a founding member of the Specialty Trainees with an Interest in Paediatric Education and Simulation (STrIPES) group, a collaboration of like-minded trainees with an interest in simulation and education. Helen sits on the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning Workgroup.


Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education

Dr Phil Rushton

Phil trained in Wessex and has been a Consultant geriatrician in Poole since 2008. His first educational role was a five-year spell as Foundation Programme Director, during which time he sat on the Council for the National Association of Clinical Tutors and completed the MA in Medical Education at Winchester University. He took on a Deanery role as Lead for the Chief Registrar Programme in April 2017 and was delighted to be appointed Associate Dean in January 2018. He continues to look after the Chief Registrars as well as the Medical Education Fellows. Other responsibilities in his portfolio include induction, being part of the Foundation School Leadership, leading on Study Leave and serving as Deanery link for two hospital trusts in Wessex.


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