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Our Current Medical Education Fellows

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Lead MEF


Miss Nikki Kelsall

I was appointed as an MEF in 2009, and took on the role as lead in 2010. I am part way through a Masters in Medical Education at Winchester University and worked closely with the deanery developing the trainee Extranet sites. I am a final year Trauma & Orthopaedic SpR and have been instrumental in the development of a junior doctor teaching programme in Trauma & Orthopaedics both at Southampton General Hospital and Poole Hospital (which I hope have continued after I have progressed on in my rotation).  I have taught the FY 1s in Dorchester, lecture year 1 medical students and facilitate year 3 medical students. In my role as Lead MEF I chair the planning committee for the yearly conference which continues to go from strength to strength each year. I also organise the MEF development programme and perform the MEF appraisals with Dr Rosie Lusznat.  I am currently developing a 3 day FRCS ( Tr&Orth ) clinical skills exam preparation course. I teach on the Wessex MRCS revision and basic science courses, am a member of the Tomorrows Teachers faculty and have recently been asked to join the ATLS faculty.


Current MEF s


Dr Thomas Brown, Dr Adam Cox, Dr Ben Sieniewicz, Dr Helen Wilson


Dr Kate Akester

I am an ST6 in Acute and General Medicine at Southampton General Hospital. I was appointed a MEF in the summer of 2012 and also became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I have always had a passion for medical education and have recently completed a Diploma in Medical Education with Distinction at the Royal College of Physicians at UCL . In previous years I have restructured, organised and delivered Final Year Medical Student Teaching Programmes in Medicine at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth and at Salisbury District Hospital. At postgraduate level, I have helped arrange training days in AIM / GIM and the PACES exam. I have been an ALS Instructor for the last 5 years. Current educational activities include working with the AIM Training Day Restructuring Committee to curriculum map and redesign the Wessex AIM Training Days and working with the Professional Support Unit to improve the pathway for “Unwell” Doctors. My research interests include Foundation trainees’ views of the educational impact of Consultant Led Medical Ward Rounds and also the educational impact of Work Based Assessments/Supervised Learning Events.


Dr Angela Birnie

I am a final year urology trainee, a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority and am due to complete a Masters Degree in Medical Education at Warwick University in 2014.  I understand that excellence in clinical practice is underpinned by excellence in education and learning.  During my training I have authored surgical e-learning modules for Brighton Medical School, been appointed as an anatomy demonstrated for pre-clinical students at Oxford Medical School and was a surgical tutor to the clinical students at Oxford Medical School.  I designed and organised interdisciplinary small group teaching events for surgical nurses and in recognition of this I was awarded a fully funded bursary to the Oxford Colloquium on Medical Education in 2013.

Since 2013 I have been the urology trainee representative on the intercollegiate Urology Examination Board; I have attended standard setting meetings relating to the Urology FRCS examination and attend bi-annual board meetings (during which matters arising from past and future examination sittings are considered).  I am researching trainer perspectives of simulation training for my Masters dissertation; this topic is prescient given that simulation now comprises a mandatory component of the ISVP curriculum in urology and I am keep to help the adoption of this training method in practice.


Dr Clarissa Chase


Dr Victoria Doyle

Prior to becoming a doctor I was a professional ballet dancer and taught dance in France, Italy and the UK .  Throughout my time at medical school I was involved in various medical education projects including the pilot project for the BM4 course. I have been a Histopathology trainee since August 2010 and and MEF since November 2011. I am involved in various medical education projects,
including regular medical student tutorials, exam marking and as a mentor. My current project is the organisation of an educational resource for histopathology trainees.


Dr Claire Joannides

I am a ST6 registrar in Anaesthesia and passionate about teaching and training.  I have recently been appointed as a MEF and am delighted to be a part of this unique team.  My two main interests within medical education are: the role of social media as an educational forum and; the use of simulation training.  I have recently designed and setup a simulation course in one Trust and am involved in facilitating in a number of other simulation courses throughout the region. I teach on ATLS and am a member of faculty for two popular Final FRCA Revision courses (Leicester and Southampton).  I annually attend the Royal College of Anaesthetist’s Sixth Form Open Day, which provides students with a realistic insight into a career in medicine and Basic Life Support skills.  Since 2011, I have been Trainee Council Member for the Society of Educators in Anaesthesia. Our society’s role is to provide support and guidance to the “shop floor” anaesthetist to ensure education, CPD and training remains top priority, despite deanery and national changes and when time and financial constraints are ever present. I am delighted to be given this opportunity and look forward to liaising with other like-minded individuals, share ideas and experiences and develop my skills as a medical educator, as well as ensuring we continue to provide great learning opportunities for others.


Miss Kat Pearson

I am a new MEF this year and have been warmly welcomed into the team. My main project at the moment, is working to set up Simulation training for F1 s in acute ward based scenarios. I have designed and set up a course in one trust and am looking to expand this across the deanery. My other interests include undergraduate teaching and assessment. I am also excited to be involved with the Wessex Medical Education Conference this year. The MEF role gives me the support and advice to develop my role as a medical educator right across the deanery and further.


Dr Sophie Price

I am a registrar in Palliative Medicine and having always had a special interest in education, was delighted to be appointed a MEF in June 2013.  I am currently part way through the Diploma in Medical Education at the University of Dundee, having completed the Postgraduate Certificate.  I am primarily involved in undergraduate education with students at the University of Southampton.  I teach on the Medicine in Practice course for 1st years and have more recently been involved with the Palliative Care training for 2nd, 3rd and 5th year students.  I also have a developing interest in postgraduate education.  I am the co-ordinator for the regional Palliative Medicine Registrar training days and a new member of the Tomorrow's Teachers faculty.


Mr Mark Szymankiewicz

Mark Szymankiewicz is a General Surgical Registrar. Of interest, he is also a flexible trainee, spending his time outside medicine in competitive target rifle shooting to an international level. His educational activities within region include being part of the MEF conference planning committee 2009-c. He sits on the Deanery Quality Assurance Steering Group and was part of the 2010 QA awards panel. He is an Examiner for Southampton University Medical School BM Finals & Intermediate OSCE s. He is a member of the Tommorrows Teachers Faculty 2008-c. He teaches on the MRCS revision course and is active in local hospital and regional teaching activities. He is also currently involved with the Royal College of Surgeons eSurgery Project as a member of the Trainee Advisory Group and has authored two e-learning sessions.


Dr Ashley Towers

I work as a paediatric registrar and I am a new MEF appointed in January 2014 having been involved in various educational initiatives since moving to Wessex in 2010. I have been a member of the Tomorrow’s Teachers faculty since 2011 and have been co-director of the courses since September 2013. I am a One Minute Wonder enthusiast and have been developing and introducing OMW boards in paediatric departments around the region since 2011.  I have also designed and am currently establishing a part-task practical skills simulation programme for paediatric ST1 -3s in Queen Alexandra Hospital focussing on 3 core neonatal skills; intubation, umbilical line insertion and long line insertion.


Mr Sam Yasen

I am an orthopaedic registrar on the Wessex rotation. I have always had an enthusiasm for teaching, and have been heavily involved in this since undergraduate level when I set up a student-led cadaveric anatomy course at Guys hospital as well as running numerous clinical skills teaching events through my role as vice-president of the surgical society. I have continued this interest into my postgraduate training holding various roles. This year I have created a new rolling orthopaedic teaching programme for the FY 1 doctors at Southampton General which I oversee, and I am involved in teaching 4th year medical students, and anatomy at MRCS level. I am also undertaking a diploma in teaching and hope to become part of the Tomorrow's Teachers faculty. I hope through my role as a MEF I can de-mystify orthopaedics through well structured teaching programmes aimed at junior doctors, as this is a subject that is often poorly taught at undergraduate level. I also hope to champion a move back to a love of anatomy teaching and learning by maximising the use of the cadaveric lab at Southampton General for all surgical trainees.


Post CCT MEF s


Dr Will Backen

I am a registrar in Geriatric Medicine and was appointed as a MEF in 2010. I have interests in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. I have tutored both the 3rd year and 4th year students from the University of Southampton and I have now progressed to working with the Foundation doctors in Portsmouth. Within my specialty I have just completed re-structuring the programme of training days for Geriatric trainees in Wessex. I am also involved in organising this year’s Wessex Medical Education conference for trainees. I have just completed my first year of a Masters in Medical Education at the University of Winchester. As a MEF I have benefited from help and advice from like-minded colleagues both inside and outside the Deanery, and the role continues to help me develop as a medical educator.


Dr Andy Claridge
I have spent much of my time since graduation trying to be involved in education as much as possible. In September 2008 I commenced on the RCP / UCL Masters in Education, closely followed in 2009 with the appointment to a MEF position. I am currently a clinical research fellow in gastroenterology having commenced a PhD in September 2009. I am found in one of two places; the academic block of Southampton General Hospital or at the driving end of a colonoscope. Most or all of my educational activities at present are taken up with my current interest which is undergraduate assessment. I am a senior lecturer at the University of Southampton, where I am 3rd year student assignment co-ordinator. As the title suggests I currently co-ordinate 3rd year assignments, and play a active role on the medical schools exams and assessment committee. The MEF is an important role and one that I recommend to anyone who wants to enhance their personal development and develop their skills as a medical educator.


Dr Poppy Mackie

I became a MEF at the end of 2008, towards the end of my training and I have found it the most inspiring group to be part of. I feel privileged to still be part of the group, despite becoming a consultant anaesthetist in Southampton in 2009. The group offers a unique collection of individuals from a broad background and who all share a true passion and enthusiasm for all things educational.

As a trainee, I was involved in the introduction of anaesthesia to the Foundation Programme in Portsmouth. This was at the time of the introduction of MMC and proved very popular amongst trainees and is still going strong. I completed the first 2 years of the MA (Professional development) programme at Winchester University as a trainee and am now battling with the dissertation to complete the MA . I carried out an educational research project last year supported by Wessex Deanery looking at educational supervisor development in Wessex. I am continuing my interest in educational supervision as the topic of my MA dissertation. I have become deeply involved in education as a consultant and am currently enjoying the challenge of taking on the role of College Tutor in my department. I am course director for the Wessex Final FRCA Course and am involved in teaching on and organising a number of other courses. I have been on the organising committee for the Wessex Medical Education Conference for the last two years and would highly recommend this conference to all trainees interested in education.

Being involved in education is the most rewarding and stimulating experience. It is the best professional development going and I am thankful for the inspiration of the MEF group


Mr James Manners

I have always found good educators to be inspiring. Prior to my university training I had worked with St John Ambulance as a cadet instructor and leader - I found working with and teach youth members of the organisation extremely rewarding. While I was at university I had several training and organisational roles, outside medicine, working with the students union in Nottingham.
As an junior doctor I was appointed as a Fellow in Medical education, at trust level, in Southampton. This role led me to develop a new training programme for Foundation Trainees. I have subsequently become involved as a faculty member on the Tomorrows Teachers course. I have been a regular member of the faculty for four years and was part of the group that designed the Tomorrows Teachers 2 course. At present I am helping to co-ordinate regional teaching for the Urology training scheme, regularly speak at GP training days and courses (such as the STIF course) and continue to be involved with the Tomorrows Teachers course. Six months ago I began studying for a Certificate in Medical Education at the University of Dundee on a distance learning course. I have recently been appointed as "Project Co-ordinator of the Tomorrows Teachers Franchise". This role is allowing me to put together a business and sales pack for the Tomorrows Teachers course and then offer it to other deaneries within the UK . The role is proving to be quite challenging but very rewarding. Teaching, training and inspiring others is enormously satisfying and I would encourage anyone who is interested in education to get more involved!


Dr Emma Nash

I'm a GP partner in Portchester and a clinical supervisor for out of hours training. I've been involved in education right from the beginning of my career, facilitating and developing areas of the GP VTS in Warwickshire. I worked as a Clinical Education Fellow at the University of Warwick Medical School and completed my first educational qualification at that time. I am now undertaking the preliminary stages of the Masters programme. In addition to my clinical work I am also on the editorial board for the RCGP Journal ' InnovAiT ', and am embarking on a project to look at how the Deanery can harness social media to promote educational opportunities and development.


Dr Larissa Ryan

I am a registrar ( ST 5) in Old Age Psychiatry, and a fairly recent migrant from Oxford Deanery. I have a longstanding interest in education and have been involved in various undergraduate and postgraduate projects during my training. While in Oxford I was an undergraduate Clinical Tutor for medical students during their psychiatry attachment. I also helped design and run an Interview Skills Training course, which was part of the induction for all new doctors starting in psychiatry. I am in my fourth year as a representative on the Trainees Committee at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and I was the trainee lead on the Royal College of Psychiatry’s development of an e-portfolio system. I am currently enjoying the challenge of my first year of the Education Masters at Winchester University. I teach on the Wessex Core Psychiatry Course for CT 1-3s in psychiatry, and have been assisting in the design of the exam preparation component of this course. I am looking forward to developing myself further and continuing to work in different educational roles as a MEF . My main interest for the future is developing communication skills training, particularly focussing on the clinical part of the MRCPsych examination.


Dr Nicky Sparrow

I am an Emergency Department Registrar currently working at University Hospital Southampton.  Throughout my training I have been involved with undergraduate education and regular teaching to juniors and peers.  I am a faculty member on Tomorrows Teachers and have found this invaluable for developing my own educational style.  I have also been recommended to instruct on both ALS and ATLS courses and am working towards improving educational opportunities within my department for junior staff.


Dr Lucy Sykes

I am a new consultant in Geriatrics and Stroke. I regularly teach for the MRCP PACES and GP Geriatrics Diploma exams (bedside teaching). I am lead tutor for medical students rotating through the Southampton stroke unit, which includes regular tutorials as well as an informal pastoral role.  I am clinical and educational supervisor for a number of trainees at all grades.  I have also been involved in training local pharmacists in management of stroke in the community.  At a deanery / regional level I am involved in marking 3rd and final year Southampton medical school case-study essay assessments as well as finals papers. For the last 18 months I have been co-directing the Tomorrow's Teachers courses for the Deanery, plus developing the new MEF Mentorship initiative, both with Mark Szymankiewicz. I am also part of the Wessex-Ghana Stroke Partnership, helping a Ghanaian hospital develop their stroke services through education.  I hold an MA (Professional Enquiry): Education from the University of Winchester.


Dr Ellen Taylor

I am a paediatric registrar currently on a post graduate fellowship in Australia combining both Paediatrics and Medical Education. I have completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals from Bristol University. I am on the faculty for Tomorrows Teachers and have helped with development of Tomorrows Teachers 2. I am an APLS instructor. 


Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education

Dr Rosie Lusznat

Rosie has been a Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry since 1989 and has recently retired from NHS clinical practice. She was both a clinical and educational supervisor was previously a Locality Lead Clinician. Rosie has been the Associate Dean for the Wessex Postgraduate Medical Education since 1999, and in that role is responsible for:

  • Professional support for doctors who find themselves in difficulty
  • Educational development of trainees and their educators in all specialties.
  • She introduced and continues to manage the Medical Education Fellow role and agenda.


Rosie is also a member of the National Clinical Assessment Service ( NCAS ) Network of expertise in the UK , and an NCAS Assessor for Old Age Psychiatry. She is also a member of the Kintampo Project which is aimed at developing mental health workers in Ghana.

In 2005 she gained the MA in Education at the University of Winchester.


Former  MEF s include:

There have been 45 trainees so far that have benefited from the Medical Education Fellow programme. These include: Mr James Gilbert, Dr Emma Halliwell, Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones, Dr Kate Wiles, Dr Sarah Cregan, Dr Dan Sado, Dr Adetokiunbo Osunrinade, Dr Stuart Henderson, Dr Nicki Cohen, Dr Shaheen Khazali, Dr Charlotte Smith, Dr Richard Jee, Dr Suzie Coles and many more.


Dr Asif Bachlani

Asif is a final year General Adult Psychiatry Trainee. He has been an education fellow for the last year, and actively involved in postgraduate and undergraduate education including the Wessex Patient Safety Programme and Tomorrow’s Teachers. He has written modules on learning and teaching for the E-Learning for Health Foundation Programme. Asif is doing a postgraduate degree in Medical Education and will be completing a Diploma from the University of Winchester in 2011. Asif new mission is to encourage more medical students to become psychiatrists.    


Dr Paula Hunt

Dr Paula Hunt finished training as a GP in 2009. She has been a Medical Education Fellow since 2006 and has enjoyed co-directing Tomorrow's Teachers since 2008. Having completed her diploma in medical education, she is about to embark (with some trepidation) on the dissertation. Other recent educational activities include undergraduate teaching on a Special Study Unit on Peer Teaching, examining for medical student OSCE s and teaching 4th year medical students in GP placements. She also co-authored CASE cards, a communication skills learning resource for GP trainees.


Mr Denzil May

I am a general surgical SpR in my final year of training. As an SHO  I was locally appointed as a Fellow In Medical Education in Southampton General Hospital and during this time established a surgical education programme for the Foundation doctors, which I am pleased to say is still going today. I attended the Tomorrows Teachers Course at this time and found it inspirational and was invited back to observe and facilitate. I have been an MEF for a few years now and have subsequently been the co-Director of Tomorrows Teachers since 2008. I have seen the course evolve and grow and we now run 12 courses per year with over 200 delegates passing through annually. I have led the development of the Tomorrows Teachers 2 course, working closely with the courses and conferences centre, other faculty members and MEF s to achieve this. I am undertaking the Masters in Medical Education for Surgeons at the University of Dundee. I teach on ATLS and am an accredited trainer in colonoscopy. I have found medical education to be both fascinating and challenging and would encourage all trainees to become more involved. Not only will this improve your teaching skills, it will also give you understanding about how to make yourself a better learner and improve your own training.

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