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Medical Education Fellows

Recognising Trainee Educators in Wessex

There is a general expectation and assumption that all trainees will to some extent engage in, and be involved with teaching and education. Some trainees undertake considerably more educational activity than is expected of their level and this should be recognised more formally. These trainees may be suitable for appointment to the role of a Health Education Wessex Medical Education Fellow. This role has been developed to help professionalise educational activities as well as to produce educationally minded professionals who are able to take up Lead Educator positions at the end of training.

MEF s recognised at this years Wessex Haven Educators Forum (ppt)

Medical Education Fellows Poster (pdf)

If you need further information, or wish to contact us after reading the next few pages please do so by emailing

The Yearly Conference

Every year a committee of MEF s organise an education conference. All trainees are invited to attend at a very low cost and MEF s attend free of charge. Each year the conference has gone from strength to strength with excellent feedback from all those that attend.

Announcing: Wessex 9 Annual National Medical Education Conference Education vs Training Contrast or Compromise - November 13 2014.

Why be a MEF ?

If you are appointed to the role of a MEF you will receive a certificate of acknowledgment for your portfolio. You will also receive a 12 month contract that is intended to formalise the role of MEF , and ensure accountability from the deanery to you and vice versa. The contract will be renewed on an annual basis following an appraisal process during which you will be expected to provide a report of your educational activity with evidence  of having met  the terms of reference. You will also be expected to demonstrate evidence that you have fulfilled the expectations of your role to the deanery.

In a recent MEF meeting we discussed what we feel the benefits of our role are: 

  • It validates what we do.
  • Recognition of hard/unpaid work.
  • Gives us exposure to the workings and dynamics of deanery business.
  • Its a massive career opportunity.
  • Gives us access to people and resources.
  • Provides peer support.
  • Its a community of like minded individuals.
  • Mentorship.
  • Start of an education based career pathway.
  • Career development.
  • Gives us influence over training issues.
  • Dedicated development days.
  • Free conference attendance.
  • Conference planning experience.
  • Recognition is prospective (helping what you will do as well as what you have done).
  • Access to reduced fees on Wessex courses.
  • Access to the Haven Educators forum.
  • The most developmental appraisal I have ever had, where the focus was really on me rather than trust based problems
  • It gives us credibility in negotiations.
  • Exposure to deanery level education issues/educators/leaders in medical education both present and future.


Current opportunities

There are lots of changes happening at both deanery and national levels currently. Our new Dean is keen to work with the MEF s (and other fellows within the deanery) as his 'think tank' on issues such as reviewing the ARCP / RITA process, including MEF s on deanery visits, using our expertise to solve quality issues, involve us at ground level with developing a faculty of Wessex Medical Educators (aimed at those who innovate and change education) and to be involved in the project "What does Wessex Deanery do?". In addition we are working on developing the profile of our fellow's and extending our role in the mentorship of more junior medical educators.

MEF Extranet

The MEF Extranet houses a forum for MEF s only to use to chat regarding conference planning, hints and tips on teaching, advice and news etc. To sign up to the chatroom click the Extranet sites and follow the instructions.

What is Expected of our Fellows?

Although we accept that by definition of your appointment you are already busy the deanery does expect a level of commitment to the role:

  • Give active input to the work of the Wessex Deanery e.g. Trainee representative on working groups, project work, teaching activities, mentoring and facilitation.
  • Continue to develop as an educationalist and professionalise educational interest with academic qualification.
  • Engage in educational research.
  • Undergo a yearly appraisal of educational activity appraisal form (Word). This appraisal is an informal meeting at the deanery with Dr Rosie Lusznat and the MEF Lead. You are expected to complete the activity form above and a copy of your CV a week in advance of the meeting. You do not need to wear a suit or bring a portfolio unless you have some specific project work you wish to share. It is a truly developmental meeting where you have the opportunity to reflect on your educational achievements in the previous year, think about where you want to take these in the next year and receive advice and support on how you might achieve these goals.
  • Attend a minimum of at least two MEF meetings per year.
  • Contribute to the organisation of (and attend) the annual education conference for trainees.

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