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Intrepid Training Resources


The Information Team provide training to users of the Intrepid system, either in person, online or by arranging third party trainers.  The below are a list of the courses we currently offer. All these courses will be available as online courses or face-to-face by appointment.

Online training

The Information Team will run online training courses, meaning that people who wish to be trained can do so at their desktop. We use a system called WebEx, which is considered "NHS safe" in that Trust IT departments do not routinely block access to the facility. By using WebEx, we can undertake training and coaching without having to spend time travelling, booking rooms etc...

Current Trust focussed training courses

Getting Started and Basic Skills

Information on Getting Started and Basic Skills. The course is designed to equip users with the basic skills and understanding of the Intrepid TX system so that they have the competence to log in, undertake administration of their personal settings and to undertake navigation, search and filtering tasks as well as other routine skills.

Relocation Expense Administration

To give Trust personnel the skills to administer relocation expenses. Recording of relocation expenses is a requirement in the Wessex Deanery. Managing Relocation Expenses PDF document.

Study Leave Administration

To give Trust personnel the skills to administer study leave recording. Recording study leave is a requirement in both the Oxford Deanery and Wessex Deaneries. Study Leave Training Guide PDF document.

Report Writing

The course is designed to equip competent users with the skills to create, edit and run their own reports using the build in reporting tool. Intrepid Report Writing Training Guide PDF document.

Teaching Sessions Administration

To give Trust personnel the skills to administer teaching sessions Teaching Sessions PDF document.  

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