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Time Out of Training

Deanery Response to GMC position Statement - Issued November 2012

Following the GMC Position Statement – November 2012, Time Out of Training Deaneries and ARCP panels are now required to formally review absence from training every year.

A woman browsing the internet on a laptopAbsence from training, and its effects on CCT dates, has always been monitored by ARCP panels; the statement from the GMC has sought to bring all speciality training programmes into line with the amount of time out of training that can be “counted” towards training. This approach will also enable ARCP panels to make a reasoned assessment of progression and ensure that any support that may be required by the doctor is put in place.

The GMC have stated that any absence of 14 days or over in any 12 month period must trigger a CCT date review. This does not mean that your CCT date will automatically be extended, however it does mean that a conversation about the effect that your time out of training will likely take place during your ARCP.

The statement covers all absence from programme other than annual leave, study leave, or prospectively approved OOP(T). All forms of statutory leave are covered including sick leave, maternity/paternity/adoption leave, carers leave, and jury service. 

Doctors in training will be asked to declare the number of days absence they have had in the previous year at their ARCP, this will then be reviewed by the panel, this will need to be countersigned by their Educational Supervisor.

This statement may affect other policies and procedures which will all be updated in due course.

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