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Return to Training flowchart

Return to Training pre-absence form (Word)

Return to Training pre-return form (Word)


Parental Leave Resources

BMA information sheet on Working Parents This is an exhaustive guide to how to plan and manage the demands of balancing being a parent with being a trainee practitioner both before and after your child is born. This includes useful resources including a Maternity Leave checklist and calculator and information on shared parental leave and how best to return to training.

BMA information sheet on Paternity Leave 

BMA information sheet on Maternity Leave 

BMA information sheet on Parental Leave 

Government Information On Parental Leave 

Medical Women's Federation Return to Work Advice 

NHS Employers Maternity Leave Guidance 


Time Out of Practice Resources

The General Medical Council’s Guide to OOP for Doctors in Training

BMJ – Guide to Taking Time Out 

BMJ – Research Options for Doctors in Training 

BMA Guidance note on transferring between NHS and university employment during training


Generation Medics: Supporting Returning Doctors

Generation Medics has developed an online hub of support for doctors who have taken time out and are now considering returning to clinical practice.

The hub has helpful articles, videos and podcasts as well as information about the support offered by individual hospital trusts and specialty-specific bodies. It’s a place for you to share stories, advice and helpful resources and there's a private forum area so you can speak to your peers and doctors who have returned.

Complete this 3 min survey to request access and we'll email over your user details so you can access the support and info:


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