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Period of Grace (P0G

The Period of Grace enables doctors who have completed training and not yet obtained a Consultant post to continue in the Specialty Registrar grade contract for a time limited period whilst they find employment. The standard Period of Grace is six calendar months following the date of CCT/CESR (CP). The doctor is no longer considered to be in training, but in post for the purposes of service.

Ther PoG is not available to trainees in a Core Training Programme or in General Practice Training Programmes.

Information regarding Period of Grace (PoG) can be found in this document - Period of Grace Guidance (pdf)  

Access to a Period of Grace is not automatic and must be requested with a minimum of six months notice by completing a - Period of Grace Request Form (Word)  and submitting to their Specialty Education Programme Manager or Officer.

If the Period of Grace Request form is not submitted by the required deadline the Training Programme Director will not arrange a period of Grace for the trainee. The trainees NTN will be relinquished at point of sign off for CCT/CESR (CP). 

For queries on the Period of Grace request process please contact your Programme Manager or Officer at Health Education England, Wessex. 

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