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Important information about your ARCP

From talking to doctors in training, we know that you would like more clarity about what to expect from the ARCP process.

Listening to doctors in training, HEE has recently published a series of recommendations to improve the ARCP process for you and our report can be read at ‘Enhancing Training and the Support for Learners.

We have also produced a short film, setting out how the process works, what your responsibilities are and what you can expect from your Supervisor. This can be accessed here.

We aim to provide excellent support for you as you progress through your career and would be grateful for more of your views on how the ARCP process is now working. We will be circulating a survey link in due course to capture your views, however if you have any questions or queries about the ARCP process we encourage you to contact your local office, speak to your educational supervisor or email

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