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Supported Return to Training

HEE recognises that trainees take time out their training programme for a number of reasons, such as parental leave, OOP, carers leave and sickness. Returning to training, regardless of the reason can be a difficult and stressful time for trainees.

HEE is committed to supporting trainees to return to training after a period of extended absence (3 months or more). The Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) initiative aims to support trainees with their confidence, skills and knowledge so that they can safely and confidently return to practice within their training programme.

SuppoRTT during Covid-19 Pandemic

HEE Wessex is continuing to support trainees returning to work during the Covid-19 pandemic. We advise trainees to continue to plan their return and discuss returning to work with their Educational Supervisor (or TPD/Clinical Supervisor/College Tutor). The SuppoRTT team are available via email to answer any queries trainees or educators may have during this time.

We have streamlined the 'return to training' form to be used during Covid-19. Trainees should complete the online form and not the paper form - Covid-19 Return to Training Form

A series of knowledge refresher webinars have been recorded specifically for returners.

Please contact if you have any questions.


Planned Absence (including Parental Leave and approved OOP)

Please click here to read the SuppoRTT Guidance.

If you are taking a planned period of absence of more than 3 months, you will need to have a discussion with your Educational Supervisor before your leave starts and complete a 'Return to Training Pre-absence' form.

Prior to Return to Training

Trainees that have taken a period of absence for 3 months or more will need to complete a return to training plan as follows:

  • We recommend that you discuss your return to training with your Educational Supervisor/Training Programme Director at least 8 weeks before your anticipated return date.
  • You can discuss a supervised return, your learning needs and any courses/activities that may help with your return to training.
  • Complete a ‘Return to Training Pre-Return form' with your Educational Supervisor detailing your plan for returning to training and your anticipated return date.
  • Return the forms to your Training Programme Director and to HEE Wessex.
  • Your forms will be sent to your Head of School and your employing Trust so that your return can be planned effectively.
  • Once you have returned to your training post you can review your return period and progress with your Educational Supervisor.


SuppoRTT Activities

  • Access to up to three professional development coaching sessions
  • Access to up to three paid 'reorientation days' before your return date
  • Opportunity to attend dedicated return to training courses in Wessex
  • Access to funding to attend relevant external courses
  • Access to Mentor Support for returning to training


If you have any questions about the Supported Return to Training Initiative, please contact

Quick Links

SuppoRTT forms

Pre-absence form

Online Covid-19 Pre-Return Form

SuppoRTT courses & workshops

Click on this link for full details

SuppoRTT Mentoring

Mentoring is a valuable tool that can support your return to training and can be particularly beneficial at career and personal transition points.

Click on the link above to read more, and to access mentoring.

SuppoRTT Resources

Other SuppoRTT funded activities:

Professional Development Coaching is available to all trainees returning to clinical practice. See here for full details.

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