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Acting Up

Information regarding Acting Up can be found in this document -  Acting Up as a Consultant Guidance (pdf)

All trainees who wish to Act Up should complete and return this application -  Acting Up as a Consultant Application Form (Word)

A minimum of three months notice must be given. Trainees should not presume that their application will be successful, and applications to Act Up outside the HEE Wessex local office will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Core Medical Training

If you are a CMT trainee and you wish to act up please read the guidance and complete the application form, gain the required signatures and return to


Paediatrics trainees who wish to Act Up will also need to complete the RCPCH Acting Up application form available via the RCPCH website.

For queries on the Acting Up application process please contact your Programme Coordinator at Health Education England, Wessex.

GMC Approval Requirements

For further information about GMC approval, please visit the GMC website.

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