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Study Leave in Wessex

Picture of a pen lying on paperFrom April 2018 the funding arrangements for Study Leave were updated as part of Health Education England’s (HEE) initiative ‘Enhancing Junior Doctor Working Lives’.  

The new HEE-managed centralised process will make accessing study leave and study budgets a more transparent, equitable and streamlined process for all trainees.


General Guidance on the Study Leave Budget

Study leave budgets (HEE) do cover:

  • Courses/education activities to support trainees to achieve the curriculum
  • Courses to help trainees prepare for postgraduate exams
  • Discretionary courses that add value to trainees individually and support the wider system


Examples of courses that ‘add value’ to the individual trainee are:

  • Quality improvement workshops
  • Leadership/medical management courses
  • Healthcare technology and innovation workshops
  • Presenting at scientific conferences (based in the UK)


Study leave budgets do not cover:

  • Royal College membership and e-portfolio fees
  • Postgraduate exam fees
  • Any statutory or mandatory training required to fulfil your clinical role (this should be provided by your NHS Trust)


Further guidance is available on the Study Leave Resources page

If you have any questions about study leave, please email


Currently the new process will not apply to trainees in Public Health, GP trainees in their GP placements or Dentistry.


Pink BracketApplications for study leave should be made through the Intrepid Online Leave Manager and trainees should follow the local process in their employing trust for applying for educational approval and time for off for study leave activities.

Users will require a login and password. If you do not have a login and password, or have forgotten it, please email
Note: only verified Wessex trainees will be given a login for this system.



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