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Study Leave in Wessex

Picture of a pen lying on paperStudy leave is managed by Directors of Medical Education (DMEs) for trainees employed by Trusts and by General Practitioner (GP) Patch Associate Deans for trainees in practices. Trusts operate local policies on study leave and it is the employer that grants the study leave. 

Health Education England provides a placement fee to trainees’ employers, which incorporates an element for study leave. 

Eligibility for study leave is determined by the Terms and Conditions of Service for Medical and Dental staff (pdf) (paragraphs 250-254)
The full 'HEE Wessex PGMDE Study Leave Guidance' document is under review.

Applications for study leave should be made through the Intrepid Online Leave Manager.

Pink BracketUsers will require a login and password.
If you do not have a login and password, or have forgotten it, please email

Alternatively, contact your Education Centre Manager/Local Study Leave Administrator, Medical Personnel Specialist or Programme Manager.
Note: only verified Wessex trainees will be given a login for this system.


Queries regarding study leave should be raised with your DME/GP Patch Associate Dean. The DME will attempt to resolve disputes between trainees and departments. If no agreement can be reached, or if the dispute is with the DME, any HEE, Wessex trainee has the right of appeal to their Head of School in the first instance and ultimately the Postgraduate Dean.

Appeals to the Postgraduate Dean should be in writing in accordance with the Deanery Appeals Guideline (pdf).The decision of the Postgraduate Dean, in any case, will be final.


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