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Joanna Hopkins

Advanced Communication Classes via Skype

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If you are under pressure to do your job more effectively whilst communicating in your second (or even third) language, then I may be able to help. The Advanced Communication Classes via Skype aim to empower you to become more confident in a range of everyday situations. This is about more than English. It's about how patients and colleagues communicate and all that that involves. It's about making the 'right' noises. Here are a few of the areas that have come up over the years:

  • Structuring information during handovers
  • Being more assertive with staff/colleagues
  • Clarifying information
  • Checking that people have understood you
  • Using just the right phrase at the right time
  • Using and recognising a wide range of colloquial language
  • Showing empathy
  • Making an impact in presentations
  • Slowing down……and speeding up
  • Interrupting effectively
  • Keeping people on course


A bit about me….. I've been involved in the English Language Training industry for over 30 years as a teacher, manager and promoter in schools, colleges and universities both in the UK and in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I started teaching via Skype when I was asked by a colleague at Bath University in 2010 if I was interested in coaching people through the University of Bath English Language Test, which was designed specifically for medical staff.

In 2011 I contacted (what was) the Severn Deanery and have been receiving referrals from them, and other HEE Local offices, on a regular basis. This provision will be designed around you, to help you deal with a range of situations more effectively by giving you the right phrases when you need them. It will also allow you to practise reacting appropriately to the silences between the language you hear.

Wherever possible, I will try to fit the classes into your busy working timetable.




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