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Guidelines & Procedures

All documentation currently under review; please contact to check currency of the document you wish to refer to.

Please see below the guidelines and procedures for Health Education England, Wessex local team. Some of these documents are local to Wessex, however others are nationally negotiated and maintained.

Health Education England and National Policies and Guidance

Please note we are in the process of updating all our guidance and procedures to reflect the changes following publication of the latest edition of the Gold Guide and in this transition period, for the purposes of clarity, the Gold Guide, sixth edition will supersede local policy in any case where there may be discrepancy.

Visit COPMeD's website to download the latest PDF

For Less Than Full Time information please see page 34 of the Gold Guide.

For Annual Review of Competency Progression Appeals information please see page 7 of the Gold Guide.

For Out Of Programme information please see page 40 of the Gold Guide.


Wessex Guidelines and Procedures

Your Training





Employment Matters



ARCP & Revalidation


Appeals & Complaints





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