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Wessex AiT Subcommittee  

Committee overview

Wessex AiT Subcommittee was created to give GP trainees the opportunity to voice their opinions on the development of policy and future initiatives in relation to their GP training and RCGP membership. It is run ‘by trainees, for trainees’. It aims to provide support through identifying and solving problems that may arise and to be an advocate for trainees in liaising with the Deanery and Royal College. The sort of issues that arise can be anything from training posts to exam queries. 

The subcommittee is chaired by a trainee elected from within the subcommittee, although in the past this has been chaired by the Wessex Lead Rep or Deputy Rep to the National AiT Committee.

Previous achievements of the subcommittee have included producing and updating the AiT, maternity and CSA handbooks; organising funding for reduced AKT and CSA revision website subscriptions; and liaising with Southampton Medical School to arrange co-facilitation teaching opportunities for GPST3s.  


Our meetings

These usually take place one evening three to four times each year and are currently located at Southern House, Otterbourne. One Page Summaries are produced after each committee meeting and distributed to all trainees and patch teams via the Patch Reps. They give a brief summary of important issues raised at the meeting. 


Our roles and contact details

Please feel free to contact your local rep or the committee chair if there are any issues you would like to raise.

Name Role Email Address
Tim Cooper Wessex AiT Subcommittee Chair 2017-2018
Katie Collins                                      Wessex Faculty Board Rep
Hannah Morgan                    Portsmouth patch rep/LTFT Rep
Harriet Dewhurst            Portsmouth patch rep
Tom Isbister                               Dorset patch rep
David Palethorpe        Wessex Rep to National AiT Committee
Benjamin Rusholme Mid Wessex patch rep and Wessex AiT Subcommittee Chair 2018-19
James Burgess   Southampton patch rep
Helen Foakes         Southampton Patch Rep
Jonathan Sunkersing                     Mid Wessex Patch Rep
 Hafiz Aladin               Deputy Wessex Rep to National AiT Committee, IOW Patch Rep
Committee email


Interested in getting involved?

Our committee members are elected on a yearly basis. If you would like further information please get in touch via email to the Chair, your local rep, or


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